4 Ways to Accessorize in High-End Style Without the High-End Price Tag

Accessorizing on a budget can feel nearly impossible without ways to keep your wallet shut tight. Fashion may change from season to season, but there are still plenty of inexpensive options to update and keep a wardrobe chic without breaking the bank. By following these simple tips, you will keep your budget happy while still allowing strangers to walk up and ask “Where did you get that?”

Simple is Stylish

Too many accessories can be the death of an outfit. A simple stunning piece of jewelry can dress up a classy attire, while too many accessories will risk you looking like you’re trying to cover something cheap. A glitzy dress doesn’t require any excess jewelry except for a simple ring or bracelet. The opposite goes for a plain sweater or t-shirt, spice it up with some glam! A single statement necklace will draw attention to your outfit and should be a necessity in every ensemble.

If you were going to a wedding, www.ukweddingsavings.co.uk/ says, “It’s better to have a simple black clutch or a classy handbag at your disposal. Reusable pieces such as these are easy to fit within the rest of your wardrobe”.

Reuse, Renew, Recycle!

Look around and see which old pieces in your collection can be restored and made new again. When old worn tights get holes in the toes, cut off the ends and turn them into leggings. If there are pulls in the tights, strategically create other rips to make them look trendy. If your coat loses a button, replace it with a sparkly new thrift shop piece instead. To change the way an old loose shirt fits, add a belt from another outfit.

Want to invest in an item with a variety of uses? Scarves are a wardrobes best friend. There are so many unique ways to use this single piece to change up your look. Looping a scarf through your jeans allows it to be used as a belt, while wrapping a thin scarf around your forehead works perfectly as a headband.

Choose Your Fabrics Carefully

Picking jackets and coats with fabrics that don’t easily wrinkle is the key to looking clean, sharp, and stylish. Fabric quality is the hardest thing to fake. Investing in an iron or a steamer will keep your clothes looking crisp. Faux Suede, cotton, and linen often look expensive while shiny fabrics, acrylics, vinyl, and rayon look cheap. Natural, soft looking fabrics will always ascetically beat synthetic material. As your clothes age, natural fabrics will also last longer as synthetics fabrics quickly deteriorate.

Keep It Classic       

Classic pieces such as a little black dress can be reused on a variety of special occasions. Black has the tendency to look expensive and hides signs of a budget piece in your wardrobe. At the same time, you want to avoid a boring, monochromatic look. Pair a simple black outfit with a bold colored handbag, scarf, or pumps to create the perfect ensemble.

How do you accessorize when you’re on a budget?

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