How to Accessorise Your Look This Summer

No matter what the season, buying a new wardrobe isn’t always enough to keep you looking your best and in keeping with the latest fashions. Your wardrobe is a good starting point, the foundation upon which you will build your look, but those little accessories that we often take for granted can be the turning point in creating the look you really want. Here’s some advice from the pros.

What Leading Fashion Magazines Have to Say

For so very many years, Vogue magazine has been a best seller and a global inspiration to women seeking advice on how to dress and live in style. It is for the urban, contemporary woman and a place where you can gain advice on everything from choosing a place to have a fashionable wedding to accessories that are trending season by season. This year, bags, boots, earrings and pumps are trending so when you choose your summer outfits on don’t forget to check out accessories to complement your summer fashions.

What Kind of Statement Are You Trying to Make?

There is one thing you should stop to consider at all times and that is about the kind of statement you are trying to make. Even though bold statement pieces may be trending, you might be looking for something a bit more subdued – a bit more under the radar. Keep in mind that big, bold statement pieces may be getting all the press but small, delicate accessories will always have a place in the world of fashion. Some women just don’t do well with bold and flashy. The type of statement your accessories make is a reflection of the inner you, and this is why accessories are so vitally important to any wardrobe in any season of the year.

Accessorise to Complement Your Dress

Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that accessories are intended to complement what you are wearing. They should not be the focal point of your outfit although that is what often ends up happening. If you are going to wear big, flashy bling then your outfit should be even bolder and flashier. Take a look at the runway models who wear all that bling. They usually have an outfit that draws even more attention and, of course, the designers wouldn’t have it any other way. Even though they want the focus on the fashions they’ve designed in order to sell them, they also know how to artistically augment those styles with the proper use of accessories.

In the end, the proper way to accessorise any of your outfits this summer is to choose items that add to the ‘look’ created by the design. That’s how you accessorise any season of the year. Never overemphasise the jewellery you are wearing or the sunnies you adore but rather put together a whole package that completes the look. Choosing dresses that look great on you is only part of it. The real test is how you can create your own look with accessories, make that dress your own, without detracting from the design. Accomplish that and you have won the battle.

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