The Cambridge Satchel Bag


The Cambridge Satchel Bag, colorful, colorful – the Cambridge Satchel. Hach, this beautiful retro school bags with us for some time now. As the saying goes? A proper hype there was in the fashion market and everyone wanted to have one of the brightly colored bags.

Fashion such as Grazia and the Maxi kuhrten the bags to the absolute must-have this year and you could see every day new outfits and combinations of known blogs like Hanneli or Fashion Quad.


I have discovered the bags before the huge hype at Asos and was immediately impressed by the things, but it looked absolutely do not have to pay for a brightly colored bag over 100 euros. But after I offered the only German (!) Online Store of these bags was in contact, they decided to send me home a bright red satchel.

Many thanks to the online shop antecedent, because I have the bag now for several months and can not keep the finger.

Today was another bag from online shop antecedent, but this time in neon green. So people know how to combine I wonder just myself, but I’m going to search all blogs and looking for inspiration.

I can Grazia and other fashion
only agree and say that this bag is really a must have for this year. In winter you can combine as a colorful bag nice for simple parka or trench and this summer are bright colors anyway again a hit.

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