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Chopard New Year dinner at the hotel «Barvikha Hotel & Spa»

Chopard New Year dinner at the hotel «Barvikha Hotel & Spa»

December 16, 2014 at the hotel «Barvikha Hotel & Spa» New Year dinner hosted jewelery and watch company Chopard.

In the evening there was an atmosphere of Swiss Chalet – a harmonious blend of Alpine Christmas tales and expanses of the Russian soul: themed ornaments, Christmas decorations, candles, baskets with red apples and tangerines, crackling fireplace, a special gastronomic menu at the Russian style – all reminders of upcoming and long awaited Holidays – New Year’s Eve and Christmas.

Chopard New Year dinner at the hotel «Barvikha Hotel & Spa»

The coming year will melt particularly important for the jewelry and watch company Chopard. After all, in 2015, the brand will celebrate its 155th anniversary. In anticipation of the many festivals in Moscow, specially arrived Caroline Scheufele, co-president and creative director of Chopard.

At dinner Caroline Scheufele introduced the first anniversary of the jewelry collection Haute Joaillerie, who first traveled to Russia. The culmination of the evening was the presentation of works of fine jewelry. The guests had the opportunity to see first waking all the splendor of precious stones, lines and perfect result of hard work of masters of Chopard.

Chopard New Year dinner at the hotel «Barvikha Hotel & Spa»

Among the guests were to be found in jewelry Ulyana Sergeenko Chopard, Victoria and Anton Borisevich, Irina Tchaikovsky, Madina and Marian Gogh, Ida Lolo in jewelry Chopard, Emily Kazadzhyan, Eugene Linovich, Lily Shchedrin Beljak Anastasia, Elena Zakharova, Julia Kupriyanov, Svetlana home, Anna Gorshkov, Elena Zaitseva, Victoria and Oleg Shlyagovyh, Angelica Timaninu and many others.

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

The jewelry is one of the most important accessories to define a look and I imagine that this Christmas will drive them to finish her hand looks traditional festivals.

Family dinners, dinners with friends, business, … All require an outfit !!! And the jewelry is your greatest ally and if it costs less than 15 euros !!! The typical black dress sosillo can give of themselves in an event if we choose the right accessories.

Does the oven is not for buns or for more spending? I understand you, happens to me exactly the same, so we propose a selection of jewelery to not pique your pocket !!!

Maxi necklaces are the stars, you can not deny them !!! Golden, metallic, methacrylates …
Everything you see on our list costs less than 15 euros !!!

Review and record !!!

Stradivarius earrings

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Stradivarius necklace

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Necklace Bershka

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

White Bracelet

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

White Collar

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

White Collar

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Mango Earrings

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

What piece of jewelry is your favorite? I’ll stick with earrings and necklaces and I’m at the point of bigger is better … so minimal kept? A I do not care !!! What about you?

Alexander McQueen “King of the Skulls”

Signature Alexander McQueen remains true to his aesthetic and gothic-chic line in its latest collection of accessories

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

We found the most striking additions to the latest collection of Alexander McQueen … rings, bracelets, foulards and of course his beloved clutches.

If you are in the world of fashion a signature criticized and admired at a time, this is Alexander McQueen. Do not leave anyone indifferent, many love their designs and others characterize as dark and sinister, because their collections has a deep gothic style and are plagued by the famous skulls.

The first appearance of the skulls in the Spring-Summer 2003 collection at the firm, caused a stir in the fashion world.

Of this, 10 years ago, and that is the anniversary of the skull in the firm, and behind third anniversary of the death of Alexander McQueen , has joined the firm in cooperation with the artist Damien Hirst, to introduce an exclusive collection of 30 handkerchiefs limited , paying tribute to the legendary skull and great designer.

Let us know the latest jewelry, clutches and scarves collection of Damien Hirst …


The skull rings of Alexander McQueen are the most distinctive and daring !!!. All made with the finest materials, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, pearls Premium … pure style, with unique designs.

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls


Variety is the spice … and variety of bracelets is what we found in the new collection of Alexander McQueen , details of thin rings with stones, double back in genuine leather, wide bracelets …

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls


This type of bag or briefcase is pure trend as to incorporate it into your everyday outfit or party, it changes completely, giving it a distinctive look with style. The clutches from Alexander McQueen are a benchmark in the world of fashion.

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

Foulards by Damien Hirsth
Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

Spectacular collection of foulards, the artist Damien Hirsth with signature Alexander Mc Queen, created for all hardcore followers and customers … Butterflies, insects and skulls are the reasons that invade this limited edition, consisting of 30 models of tissues.
Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

Swarovski presents its new collection of jewelry and impeccable Fall Winter 2013/4

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

If you’re addicted to accessories and jewelry you lose … sure the new collection of Swarovski, it will make you fall in love with any of his pieces.

Meet the new collection of Swarovski with great detail …

To know about Swarovski ..

The big signing of luxury goods manufactured in cut glass, was founded in 1895 in Austria by Daniel Swarovski.

Swarovski forever changed the glass industry, producing annually 20 billion glass stones for various purposes, sculptures, optical instruments, decoration, and especially for high fashion and jewelry, making it one of the most prestigious and powerful companies in the world.

Fun Fact
Did you know that Swarovski has its own theme park in the glass, “Swarovski Crystal World” in Austria?

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

Famous and Swarovski
If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

A look at celebrities who attend the Oscars, in many of his couture dresses and jewelry, we can see the stamp of Swarovski.

For the singer Madonna, he made for his tour “Confessions Tour”, a disco ball worth a whopping $ 2 million dollars, as he created some of his wardrobe in several of their tours around the world. And for the last scheduled tour of Michael Jackson, signature Swarovski encrusted costumes were designed with nothing more and nothing less than 300,000 Swarovski crystals.

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

New Swarovski jewelry collection Fall-Winter 2013

In black …

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

In black with clear crystals, ideal to wear at night, with light colors look where your jewels focus all attention.

In black and gold …

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

The black-gold combination is superb … we continue this season with much gold a booming trend.

Classics in transparent glass

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

The usual, in clear glass, valid for any look.

Always elegant gold-rose

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

Last season we saw … and the key gold-pink , was a success, and this campaign is still going strong.

Purple … to be the latter one

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

One of the trendy colors is purple or aubergine tones … very flattering, combines perfectly with ocher, beige, cream, and emerald green for a groundbreaking style …
If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

What will perish these new Swarovski bracelets?
If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

Brilliant designs, decorated with various colors of degraded glass, and close buttons with transparent glass.

These bracelets are wrapped around your wrist getting a fresh and modern style. Price 59.00 €

Celine Luggage Tote Bag

Celine Luggage Tote Bag

Already much has been talked about it, written and sung about it, but you understand it only when it happens to oneself. I speak of love at first sight, a moment where you can forget everything in order to grasp not think straight and only has eyes for one has. In this case, for me, the one who Luggage Bag Celine! Hach, Love could be so beautiful!
Celine Luggage Tote Bag

Celine Luggage – already a classic
Our first encounter in real life was this year in Paris, when I saw her and then even touched it was completely hooked. Many times I had previously looked at and been languishing on the Internet, but in reality it was a lot nicer. The processing, the soft leather let me melt.
Celine Luggage Tote Bag

But enough grated licorice, the Luggage Tote Celine has blossomed in the last few months of the absolute it-bag to bag classic and in record time. But blame is not only the classic exterior of the bag, and the ways to wear them is endless. They are available in different types of leather, which is available in two lengths Henkel and also in the color combinations there are no limits. Who could say no since? The only rakes at the whole thing: the price. From 1.500Euro there is the mini version to buy. Nobody said that love must always be based on reciprocity.

The Cambridge Satchel Bag


The Cambridge Satchel Bag, colorful, colorful – the Cambridge Satchel. Hach, this beautiful retro school bags with us for some time now. As the saying goes? A proper hype there was in the fashion market and everyone wanted to have one of the brightly colored bags.

Fashion such as Grazia and the Maxi kuhrten the bags to the absolute must-have this year and you could see every day new outfits and combinations of known blogs like Hanneli or Fashion Quad.


I have discovered the bags before the huge hype at Asos and was immediately impressed by the things, but it looked absolutely do not have to pay for a brightly colored bag over 100 euros. But after I offered the only German (!) Online Store of these bags was in contact, they decided to send me home a bright red satchel.

Many thanks to the online shop antecedent, because I have the bag now for several months and can not keep the finger.

Today was another bag from online shop antecedent, but this time in neon green. So people know how to combine I wonder just myself, but I’m going to search all blogs and looking for inspiration.

I can Grazia and other fashion
only agree and say that this bag is really a must have for this year. In winter you can combine as a colorful bag nice for simple parka or trench and this summer are bright colors anyway again a hit.

New Pandora Jewelry Valentine

New Pandora Jewelry Valentine

As usual and demonstrating the main feature of the signature Pandora, which is their strong emotional moment for everyone and, Pandora now has its new collection of jewelry special valentine , charms, earrings, rings … a collection full very romantic that falls to anyone.

Meet the new jewels of love with Pandora …

If you already have or have a Pandora bracelet, what better gift than a new charm of love for Valentine !!
Comfort and gives you Pandora when choosing a gift for an important date, is appreciated … Pandora always has a special charm and staff for each /, offering the possibility to be able to carry with us the memory some special time in our lives (marriage, travel, pet …)

For this occasion, Pandora brings charms and jewelry heart shaped or details of hearts in bright pink and white zircons elegant, ideal for such an emotional day such as Valentine’s Day.

New Pandora Jewelry Valentine1

Hanging Charms
These are the new pendants charms Pandora signature, all with the celebration of “Valentine’s Day”; precious hearts with zircons, cupid charm in silver and gold accents, cubic zirconia pendant with love in pink.

The new Pandora charms, will be great on your wrist, giving it a romantic touch with its heart-shaped pieces, or details of hearts in pink zirconia.

Pandora has also brought new models of earrings and rings to complete this significant collection …
Pieces in heart shape with zircon, stone … and many more models.

Auction Highlight: Hermes Vintage in Monaco

Hermes Vintage in Monaco

Feast for fashionists: “Artcurial Briest-Poulain–F.Tajan” organized on 24 July at the posh Hotel Hermitage in Monte Carlo an auction with one hundred vintage handbags from Hermes. A Kelly Bag, which adorns the image of the young Gracy Kelly, is considered quite highly unusual and unique piece counts as a unique rarity of the many highlights of this auction.

Vintage handbags from luxury brands like Hermes avancierte in recent years, much sought-after collector’s items and are enjoying rising even as an investment increasing popularity, and the trend. Especially searched objects of desire are collectors Birkin Bags, followed by Kelly bags. With these two models can do basically nothing wrong.

Unless you fail to invest in a fake. But before one is safe in a recognized auction house Artcurial like.

Auction with the most beautiful handbags by Hermes

What makes these classics so desirable, are high quality, low numbers and their exorbitant price. In the auction house the coveted trophies are nevertheless still a bit cheaper, but do not come cheap. Last but not least attracted at an auction the advantage that the often month long waits for expensive manufactured in tedious manual work pieces even with the labor-intensive and material procurement accounts for extremely time-consuming custom.

It is the third season, in which the renowned auction house Artcurial, with its most prestigious sales of the year in the summer attracts the Côte d’Azur to Monaco and a week quarters in the luxury 5-star beach hotel Hotel Hermitage in Monte Carlo relates. And the success of the previous year are the leaders right: only the auction of Hermes Vintage Handbags achieved in Monaco 2013 revenues of more than 1.5 million euros.

Hundreds of Hermes handbags

The exclusive array of hundreds of Hermes handbags in this summer range from numerous variants of the most coveted cult Bag “Birkin Bag” on the luxurious handbag “Constance” with H-closure up to the legendary “Kelly Bag” in colors from subtle classic to striking eye-catchers in Apple Green, Shocking Pink to turquoise or two or three colored bi or tri-color jewelry.


Hermes in all sizes, shapes and colors

The variety of different shapes, sizes, special designs, colors, different materials will hardly surprise connoisseurs. Finally, the luxury label Hermes for its handbags alone twenty Leather from the finest calf leather to various crocodile species, python, ostrich or lizard to choose from and served its customers like the wildest cravings.

Original, unique pieces to funny

Therefore, in addition to some very exclusive and precious rarities wait a plethora of extravagant and original models such as the Kelly bag in soft silky shimmering Perlmuttrose, decorated with flowers made of plastic beads, a showpiece of the Hermes stores (estimate 7,000 to 10,000 euros). Or the “Kelly Bag plush teddy” brown with some details in black from 2005, which makes a fluffy cream-colored sheepskin trim to a special (estimate: $ 18,000 to 22,000 euros).

A rare “source Idols Kelly Doll Bag” from Gulliver calf leather in orange by designer Jean-Louis Dumas in 2000, with its high grin factor is. This handbag has actually arms with hands and legs with feet dangling in the bag body plus it shows also a friendly smiling face (estimate: $ 10,000 to 12,000 euros).

Rare Hermes models

Rooms are available in other models called “A baguette”, “Berline”, “race car”, “Paris-Bombay”, “drag”, “Dalvy”, “Egee”, “Himalaya”, “Jimmy’s”, “Plume” or “Sequana “. The Director, Vintage & Collections at Artcurial, Cyril Pigot has chosen the beautiful and exclusive pieces themselves. Auctioneer and Miteigentumen François Tajan can it is taking personally to swing the hammer on July 24.

Jane Birkin estimates Artcurial

Artcurial, founded in 2002, enjoys an excellent reputation and trust and is highly Vintage. The house has been acquired since 2005 especially with its auctions of vintage Hermes handbags be 1A Image for excellent connoisseurship in his illustrious clients, to sellers and buyers.

Even Jane Birkin was in the past a separate copy of the same named model of Artcurial auction, Naomi Campbell followed with their green alligator Birkin Bag this example and Princess Stephanie of Monaco donated a single piece of her mother. When celebrities on separate auctions of such pieces, then the keyword is usually preferred charity and serves a good purpose. This is also the highlight of the current auction.

Unique Kelly bag with the image of Grace Kelly

A exeptionelle feature is the Kelly bag in blue jean Epsom leather, printed on the canvas the shot in March 1954, photographic portrait of young, beautiful picture Grace Kelly shows. This exceptional one-off production was completed in 2007 by Hermes for the special exhibition “The Grace Kelly Years”. The gala show at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco then went on tour around the world.

The daughter of Princess Grace, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, the rarity with a silver pen and the word ‘Stephanie’ hand signed. For this handbag was determined from the outset to be auctioned for a good cause, namely for the fight against AIDS in Monaco at Artcurial. The proceeds of the bag hits the founded by Princess Stephanie charity organization ‘Fight Aids Monaco’. It is expected with a revenue from 60,000 to 80,000 euros.


Unusual bags alligator

Further, special Raritaten includes a “Birkin Himalayan” matt, two tone, white and gray leather from the Nile crocodile from the year 2011 with silver and palladium buckle and key chains made from crocodile leather. Even the lock of the bag is coated with the crocodile leather. For the case is expected to surcharge for amounts from 50,000 to 70,000 euros.

Mini-Kelly bag with diamonds

A mini Kelly in black crocodile leather Porosus noir lined with pink goat leather dates back to 1997, has a yellow gold clasp with diamonds, the key to it was also made of gold and studded with diamonds. The gems bring it to a total of 4.4 carats (estimate: $ 75,000 to 85,000 euros). Such details are especially prized by collectors.

Gem with sparkling diamonds

A Birkin bag made from 2008, also made of black shiny porosus crocodile leather noir, adorned with a precious diamond-studded 9.5 carat white gold buckle, plus there is a matching white gold lock with 2 carat diamonds and a key chain. It will provide 90,000 to 100,000 euros, making it the hochsttaxierte highlight of this Gala Auction.

Jewels stylish, the perfect gift


A step away from Christmas and it’s time to start thinking about the gift of style. According to experts, the perfect gift, it live this year, less is more, that is, fewer but more valuable gifts and symbolic.

And on this ground stomp jewelry.

Take advantage of it for Christmas jewelery companies are experienced and specially note references such as Tiffany & Co. For the brand, what Christmas typically merges with the closing of a very special year, because it celebrates its 175 year history.


For Pomellato, discover your most glam and rock slope with 67 Pomellato collection, (cover story) formed with 47 pieces ranging in price between 260 and 3,200 euros.


For the younger side of Yanes, Young Yanes year trend is the Baroque style, this universe of colors, textures and shapes opts for gold, precious stones, luxury and ornate forms.

Even for a mere contemplative pleasure worth shop around their windows, right? Without leaving home, you will see the capsule designer Delfina Delettrez edgy collection.

H. Stern: Brazilian luxury jeweler

H. Stern: Brazilian luxury jeweler
A German emigrant, who founded a jewelry company in Brazil, and thus laid the foundation for one of the biggest jewelry brands in the world put: Hans Stern. Today, the name of German craftsmanship and Brazilian creativity is. The now deceased jeweler of success was not in the cradle, however.

In Essen, the Jewish-born Hans Stern came in October 1922 to be born blind. Only an operation gave him his eyesight. During the Kristallnacht in 1938 his father’s electrical business was set on fire and destroyed, the family barely escaped. A visa-saving allowed the family to emigrate to South America.

Hans Stern was 17 years old. His new home fascinated him. Although he did not speak of the Portuguese, he quickly got a job at the gem dealers “Christab” and learned all about the valuable minerals.

An accordion as seed money

For $ 200 sold Star 1945 his accordion. The start-up capital for his company that he simply “H. Star “called. He traveled throughout Brazil, with the train and on horseback, and visited the mines. Especially the colored jewels as tourmalines (green) – his favorite stones – or amethyst (purple) had it done to him. Across the country star bought from face workers gems and sold them at a profit to jewelers in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Kurt’s father designed the first company logo – on a paper napkin.

On the cutting edge: H. Stern

Star began to manufacture their own pieces, came so with the locals first to disinterest. Thus he focused increasingly on tourists as a target group, offered his collections to the typical holiday routes in Brazil. His jewelry should be portable and affordable. He was on the cutting edge.

The trend did not go to men who rigged their wives with treasures. In times of emancipation, the ladies bought their jewels themselves.
Hans Stern: A modest “King of colorful jewels”

Strategically built its brand on Stern. Catherine Deneuve became the flagship of the brand, today it is among other things, Kate Moss. On the prominent Halsern and hands on the red carpet of Hollywood sparkle even today the pieces of H. Stern. Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie and Liv Taylor – to name just a few – are adorned with the Stern jewels. This beautiful jewelry and makeup make you beautiful for the party and occasion.

H. Stern Brazilian luxury jeweler
They called him the “King of colorful jewels.” Hans star itself, however, was always by modesty on, drove his life German small cars and adorned herself with jewels hardly. Discretion and discipline – until at last he stood every morning at 8:30 clock on the spot – that was his secret. “As long as a man mentally and physically feels good, it should work,” quoted The world famous jeweler.

H. Stern: A family empire

For the 50th anniversary in 1995, the Patriarch, his eldest son, Roberto decided to make a place in the top-free. The began with a realignment of the company, put more in the formal language of design and less on colorful stones and opened gradually to the splendor of this world miles modern shops – in Cannes, Dubai and Frankfurt Airport.

Despite more than 3,000 employees and offices in 27 countries by now you still regards itself as a family. Those who prove themselves, is encouraged. Good work leads to success – just as Hans Stern once brought it to success.