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Hollywood jeweler Martin Katz


For over twenty years a fixture in the Haute jewelry of Hollywood: Martin Katz. Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez – all wearing his jewelry and not without reason. Martin Katz recognizes the trends before they occur.

A man with rimless glasses and a receding forehead. Inconspicuous he seems at first glance. But Martin Katz understands the jewelry industry and its developments and so buy principally those well-heeled ladies with him, which would belong to the trendsetters when it comes to jewels.

Here, the jeweler learned a completely different profession: He is a graduate Pyschologe, but was financed his living by selling silver jewelry to his fellow students. Perhaps his psychology degree is the reason why he understands what the women – at least in terms of jewelry – want.

Hollywood flagship store of Martin Katz

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills Martin Katz has its flagship store. Notably interpreted the jeweler his designs on the essence of nature. “The natural world has always been a source of inspiration for me,” Katz told in an interview. He had an appreciation for the artistic creation of nature. The Adaptiere it for his own treasures.


Yet his treasures seem often to historically.

Media presenter jewelry

The Hollywood ladies know the sometimes irrational beauty of Katz’s designs appreciate. Prior to an appearance on the red carpet often visit great actresses such as Sharon Stone, Kate Winslet and Sandra Bullock the boutique by Martin Katz. Very unselfish such loans are not natural. Just as fashion designers also hope creators of Haute Joaillerie on a strong media presence.

About too little media coverage, Martin Katz cannot complain. Ever since he’s famous in the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra created, he was also beyond the borders of Los Angeles known.


Martin Katz also appeals to younger customers

Also classically restrained pieces away from the red carpet keeps Martin Katz ready. Simple engagement rings are also part of his specialty, such as splendid jewels. Again, the jeweler goes with the trend. More and more customers want while wearing expensive jewelry, but do not flaunt it. Thus, Martin Katz speaks according to its own statement on especially younger jewelry lovers.

The trend is towards valuable, but for everyday use, thoroughly Office affine jewelry. Katz advises his customers happy self. It estimates the personal contact he says. Still, because of its popularity, there are probably especially prominent customers who mainly devotes his personal attention to the equally prominent jeweler.

Jewelry as a Christmas gift – Ideas and suggestions

Jewelry as a Christmas gift - Ideas and suggestions

Seamless Christmas time, the thinking starts for the ideal Christmas presents. Frequently is a look at jewelry pieces that are suitable at least for the partner or very cherished friends. Only that jewelry is very popular at Christmas and makes sense?

Take into account the relationship

Jewelry is particularly suitable as a gift for people who are close to the giver much. The partner, parents or very close friends come for jewelry gifts always questioned. In a partnership, the choice is very easy. After all, can Schenk end here with an attractive piece of equal or give a message with. In partnership sector, rings, bracelets and chains offer excellent. Decorative and of high-quality ring, perhaps even provided with a loving engraving, simply speaks volumes – even if he is not directly used as an engagement ring.

Nevertheless, he is a sign of solidarity dar. Equally attractive are necklaces that are worn by men and women alike. In order to give the chain a larger expression, a beautiful pendant offers, which in turn can be provided with a message.

Jewelry as a Christmas gift - Ideas and suggestions1

Jewelry gifts for parents

Appreciate parents beautiful pieces of jewelry, they can also be gifted with this. The message, which is expressed, for example, a ring within a partnership, here comes but not to wear. Therefore, bracelets or earrings for the mother, necklaces, pendants or nice watches for father are. Who wants to come up with something very special, could give a watch. Just spry gentlemen appreciate the valuable and often very attractive watches. But even decorative cufflinks or tie pins are part of the jewelry and are considered beautiful Christmas gifts.

Jewelry for a small price

The value of the jewelry piece has given away overburden your wallet not completely. When jewelry is less important to the value of the content piece as such, because of its appearance. Certainly, rings or chains of gold and platinum a peculiarity – but can even cheaper fashion jewelry express the deep connection between declare and giver. Only in a relationship or as a wonderful gift in a long-lasting marriage, it is wise to prefer real jewelery. Over the Internet, giver quite possible high-grade gold, silver or even platinum jewelry at low and affordable prices to buy.


Think and access

What should express the jewel? Is it to express the closeness in the relationship? Serve as evidence of long-lasting friendship or because it represents a thank you to the parents? These questions are at the center when it comes to choosing a piece of jewelry. Friends grab for example, like to Partnership and Friendship followers who are divided in two and both of which Friends bear a part. This agent can but also try and partner together to show the public that they belong together firmly.

Jewelry as a Christmas gift - Ideas and suggestions3

Are there any hidden desires?

But jewelry can also serve as a surprise. Does the girlfriend or boyfriend of it for a long time that a particular piece of jewelry is desired? Then partners can now access and try to fulfill that desire. Used as a surprise, just when pre-purchasing the piece was always rejected, brings a fabulous ring or an expensive necklace the joy with safety under the Christmas tree. Many interesting ideas are in Christ to find.

Special gifts: boxes and cases

Special gifts boxes and cases

They are the gift of beauty ideal, the pack beauty they offer a wonderful opportunity to gain products in the same range at the best price, sometimes, as the holiday-to be limited editions, the case and some of its supplements, are almost material collector.

Special gifts boxes and cases 1

A chest or box is always irresistible, convenient and attractive gift. Here are some examples, from fragrances to makeup, passing for facial lines of low, medium and high cost, candles, gels and even practical hair strengtheners.

Jewels of Valencia: solitaire rings, earrings and bracelets


A special collection for the Jewels of Valencia, the fashion house that creates solitaire rings, earrings and bracelets all handcrafted. Precious unique, both for design and for the attention to details and details that distinguishes the company. What makes them special is just the craftsmanship, which gives the opportunity to distinguish every single creation. Thanks to a long experience, the work of three generations in what we might call one of the Italian capitals of the jewel, the company has gained a significant share of the market: Let’s see what are the most beautiful jewels of the house.

The Jewels of Valencia have developed their expertise in creating valuable to bring the general public to understand and appreciate the stones and jewels. The main collections express the relationship of the house with tradition by choosing a design classic, timeless, knows that resists all fashions. The gemstones used for jewelry are certified, choices and work with wisdom, achieving great little jewelry to be worn on all occasions.


Jewels of Valencia opinions
Realizing their own and sell their creations directly, Jewelry Valencia was able to offer a wide range of precious and lower prices compared with other big names. A solution to this that has led many to choose these gems, also with conflicting opinions among fans. What matters, however, is the invoice and the choice of stones and the experience of the fashion house itself is a security.

If the fashion houses have signed their precious collections to be able to wear designer jewelery in line with the style that represents them, Jewelry Valencia prefers to focus on the classic, offering bangles like the models in white gold bearing different text and customize Also under his own name.


Well-known and appreciated are the collections of wedding rings, ring symbol of love and perfect bond at the center of the creations of the greatest haute jewelry. The Italian brand offers various lines from the classic brogues, models comfort in yellow gold, pink and white, to the special models, such as the belief in yellow gold handmade signs that replicates the keystroke to create a gem of inspiration old. There are also models with diamonds in yellow and white gold, or the most important valances, for those looking for a ring of impact.

In addition to the more classic lines, there are also more modern collections, such as hearts, rings and pendants that sparkle with color, grace sapphires and diamonds that cover the heart, a choice between the versions in black, pink and blue, to Depending on the stone used. To discover the collections, you can browse through our gallery and let your opinion about Jewels of Valencia.


Ornaments in the Form of Butterflies


What, in your opinion, should be original and eye-catching piece of jewelry? Large, bright, small and inconspicuous? Each person makes a choice, relying on your own taste. But mostly, preference is given to a peculiar thing, symbols and signs. For example, an excellent option that can liven up the image can become jewelry in the shape of a butterfly.
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The Ring With The Symbol Of Infinity

infinity-ringsPerhaps, it is difficult to find anyone who would not wear jewelry. At all times people tried to decorate themselves with exquisite hand-made articles made of precious metals. These products were designed to not only complement the image of the man, but also tell a lot about their owners. Modern fashion jewelry adheres to the same principles. Decorating must bear the stamp of individuality. It is this quality of different ring with the sign of infinity.

We all know that simplicity is a sign of genius, especially if its result is something beautiful, like rings “Infinity”. No wonder since ancient times, this symbolism is surrounded by a mystical aura and various philosophical interpretations.

Buy Ring “Infinity” can only man who lives by his own rules, a person with an interesting and original inner world. He should be able to see what others can not do. This is not just an admirer of fine jewelry, and ambitious, a thinking person with their life values and priorities.
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Decorations In The Form Of A Cat – Jewelry Grace

jewelry-graceJewelry all times enjoyed great popularity and attracted attention to themselves as women’s views, as well as men’s. Any piece of jewelry – it is not only the connection of beautiful stones in precious metals, it is also an expression of taste, the epitome of beauty and the pursuit of perfection. To create a beautiful and original product, jewelers often turn to for inspiration to Mother Nature. Therefore, from time to time in the collections of famous jewelry houses come in the form of products of animal or plant.

An elegant piece of jewelry in the form of a cat would be a great gift for the woman he loved. After all, is not rare girl fascinated by the sight of cute kitten? Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity like the flexible shape feline forms. This decoration will not only become a favorite accessory for any girl, but also a good mascot. Because we all know that cats have incredible good luck.
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Fashion Trend 2013: multi-color earrings

One of the most recent fashion trends – earrings that combine several bright colors . These earrings are perfect for a cocktail or a party. In our photo collection you will find the fashionable multi-color earrings.


Earrings in the photo: 1. diva, 2. Mango, 3. A Riot, 4. Blu Bijoux, 5. Oscar de la Renta, 6. Ben-Amun, 7. Erickson Beamon, 8. Tom Binns, 9. Lizzie Fortunato, 10. Carolee, 11. Marie-Hélène de Taillac 12. Dior.

Jewelry designer

designer-jewelleryJust as with brand perfumes, the terrifyingly glamour jewelry design world is one that often avoided. It is a strange world of gold money, style and confidence – none of which I possess in any great quantity. I envy the ability of all these types of fashion sport a fabulous piece of aplomb as jewels, when I feel brave by a simple change of clocks every blue moon.

But with the new year comes another London Fashion Week, and this gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge mediocre of what is fashionable and what not in the land of accessories. One way easy and painless for me to begin is with Tatty Devine, whose colorful website only wakes up a feminine excitement in me. These types were brought to my attention by a friend who, after having noticed my astonishment to your collar name Tatty Devine, I bought my own (with my name instead of yours, obviously) for my birthday. The Union fun of vivid colors and styles of 1950 to a niche of carving small and attractive in the jewelry market, and one that I don’t feel so nervous by embrace.
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