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Review of IWC Aquatimer Deep Two Watch

IWC_AquatimerThe IWC Aquatimer Deep Two watch is one of four new IWC Aquatimer watches 2009 and also the flagship product in terms of technical equipment.

As successor to the IWC Aquatimer deep one, is equipped with a mechanical depth gauge and a depth gauge. The depth gauge is located on the perimeter of the field with two indicators. Blue is for real depth, while red is for maximum depth (up to 50 meters). This function is achieved through a very sensitive membrane is constructed in the crown on the left side of the box. The membrane transmits water pressure to a lever mechanism which controls the two indicators. The red indicator will be held as a whole before it is released through the button below the crown counterclockwise.
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Are you wearing fashion or costume jewelry?

fashion JewelryWhat is the difference between costume and fashion jewelry? Is there really a difference or use the words interchangeably? Perhaps a better question is why we use the words interchangeably? To find an answer, we must first go back in time a bit and review the history of jewelry.

Although the use of materials, or specifically gold, to adorn the body easily dates back to Egypt in 3000 BC as evidenced by the findings in the tombs of Tutankhamen as, we need to advance to the 13th century in Medieval Europe and in England when Sumptuary laws were promulgated, to see the beginning of “fake” jewelry. Commoners, or farmers and artisans, were forbidden to use gold, silver, pearls or gemstones. From gemstones and pearls were prized, a market developed for good glass imitations. The Italians, especially the glass making areas of Venice and Murano, began making imitation glass gems and pearls that were of very high quality.
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Mother of Pearl – Opal of the Sea

Mother-of-PearlMother of pearl is the iridescent substance called nacre, found inside some molluscs. The pearl of the word comes from the Arabic word naqqarah shell. It has been used for ornament, decoration and jewelry since 3000 BC The tombs have been unearthed at the sites of ancient Mesopotamia in the Middle East containing articles made of nacre. In some ancient cultures is valued more than pearls. Before the 19th century, Japanese shell divers discard any pearls in oysters they got, and keep the shell.

The ancient Chinese also used mother of pearl inlaid decoration of various objects and jewelry. The Chinese use powder and on prescription drugs and lower blood pressure, as a remedy for motion sickness and as a heart medication. The native populations of South America and North also used mother of pearl for decoration and medicine.
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Bezel diamond necklace enhances your natural beauty

Bezel diamond necklaceJust as a mother her child wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and attention, the bezel setting protects the diamond in its coverage of all damages and makes your diamond ring necklace, really beautiful for eternity. If you are looking to buy a diamond necklace why not try the set bezel? They are classy, ​​elegant and most importantly, protect your diamond from evil. Since diamonds are a great investment, why do not all go out and buy the bezel in place to protect their precious diamonds of damage?

There are numerous benefits to a bevel adjustment. Since in the frame bezel, a metal band, usually of precious metal completely surrounds the diamond, which is well protected from damage, such as chips. The edge of the diamond is completely surrounded by metal, which is pressed firmly in the diamond to fix it securely. Moreover, the metal surrounding the diamond is a great way to hide any flaws the diamond might have.
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Diamonds – a girl’s best friend

diamond-girlA girl can have many friends but your best friend is always the diamond has. No one can argue about this because there is nothing more exquisite than a diamond that can attract a girl. Diamond bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings are the desire of every child. Men woo their ladies with a diamond ring. Many women who work using a diamond solitaire pendant to work. A diamond can be used as both a traditional piece of jewelry or a modern one.

Apart from the diamonds other precious stones, so they are used in jewelry as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more. The gemstones are well worn as jewelry or their innate powers. Emeralds are said to have the power to improve eyesight, while the yellow stones are used to treat jaundice and the red is supposed to improve blood flow. Whatever the purpose, gemstones jewelry classic look!
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Get the look – Kate Hudson necklace is the palm!

Kate-Hudson-necklaceIf you saw the 2008 romantic comedy, Fool’s Gold, starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, you probably felt compelled to immediately jump a plane to a remote island and diving. Or, you may want to run into a store and immediately buy Palm Tree necklace Kate Hudson! This cute little palm tree was seen hanging around his neck throughout the entire film. Read on to find out where to get an identical, to 1/3 the price!

Kate Hudson palm caressed her necklace so much, he was even wearing it off the set in the city. Sometimes by itself, sometimes mixed with various other colored necklaces to complete the fashionable layered look. However, this breeze pendant is a beautiful addition to your accessory tray.
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Turquoise – House of the People

Turquoise-stone-jewelryTurquoise is a stone known and appreciated since 3000 a. C. The ancient Egyptians, Persians, and pre-Columbian Native Americans used to make jewelry, mosaics, and carved it into different shapes. The stone was unknown in Europe until the 14th century, when it was introduced by Turkish merchants. It is believed that the name of the stone is derived from the French word turc, which means Turkish in English. This led to the idea that the stone itself was undermined by the Turks in their country of origin. This is not correct. The Turks were the merchants who deal only with the stone.

The rich deposits of turquoise mined in ancient times in Persia (now Iran), and some of the highest quality turquoise is still extracted at present. The stone is also found in northern Africa, Australia, Siberia and western South America.

The Sacred Stone

Turquoise has been a sacred stone to many cultures. The Aztecs combined with gold ceremonial objects. Some cultures believed that if a rider wearing the stone that would protect them from falling. This stone is credited with bringing happiness and protection against accidents of all kinds, and many other attributes. The stone also is believed to be one of the stones that make up the breastplate worn by Aaron in the book of Exodus in the Bible. This breastplate had twelve precious stones in it, each engraved with the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Some scholars believe that turquoise was one of these stones.

The sanctity of Native American turquoise dates back to ancient times. It was carved in the form of birds and animals. Some tribes put these items carved tombs to help protect the dead and bring good spirits. The shaman used turquoise for healing. Warriors stone attached to the ends of their bows, as it was intended to ensure accurate shots arrow.

Although robin egg blue color is the most known and most highly valued by the stone, which can be sky blue shades of blue-green to gray-green. It is not always a solid color, and can have shades of color in the individual stones. Some stones have other material veins running through them.

A high quality turquoise can be expensive, but there are many gemstones at a reasonable price. Although this stone has been used and appreciated by royalty and the rich over time, has also been available and appreciated by people in common circumstances. It is still the same today. A stone for those who appreciate their beauty and their ability to pay. In fact, Stone Town.

Titanium Rings – Styles for Men

The men’s titanium rings can be as future industrial or elegant and sophisticated as the man himself. You do not look as if you are using a piece of hardware – a washing machine or a piece of pipe as they did in the past.

Titanium-RingsMens Titanium Rings, although less sensitive than the versions of the ladies, can be polished, engraved, braided, twisted, gnarled, adorned with precious stones, cubic zirconia, diamonds, tanzanite, or have passed the cables between the spaces or grooves in the band. There are many styles that incorporate gold, white gold and platinum to create a two-tone effect or to subtle details to the ring.

Unique titanium rings for men

unique titanium rings for men are easier to find than gold rings or silver, because many designers and jewelers create titanium parts, knowing that men who opt for this metal and non-traditional. They also come in different textures, colors and designs of the ring.
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