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Jewellery Collection in your Jewellery Box

A woman’s wardrobe is rightly flooded with all kind of dresses and accessories. Since, each occasion demands to be treated uniquely, it is imperative for the beauty-conscious women to have a variety in their possession. So, whenever you open your jewellery box, you better have the bracelet, the locket, and the earrings you need to match with your dress. It is the illustrious nature of ornaments and jewellery that make them stand out and outshine all the other accessories. Coming down to the right set of jewellery is not as simple as it might seem. It is only when you have a range of jewellery items in front of you that you feel something is missing. Marketplaces like Kaymu and nolimitjustly provides the people a collection to choose from.
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Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

The jewelry is one of the most important accessories to define a look and I imagine that this Christmas will drive them to finish her hand looks traditional festivals.

Family dinners, dinners with friends, business, … All require an outfit !!! And the jewelry is your greatest ally and if it costs less than 15 euros !!! The typical black dress sosillo can give of themselves in an event if we choose the right accessories.

Does the oven is not for buns or for more spending? I understand you, happens to me exactly the same, so we propose a selection of jewelery to not pique your pocket !!!

Maxi necklaces are the stars, you can not deny them !!! Golden, metallic, methacrylates …
Everything you see on our list costs less than 15 euros !!!

Review and record !!!

Stradivarius earrings

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Stradivarius necklace

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Necklace Bershka

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

White Bracelet

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

White Collar

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

White Collar

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Mango Earrings

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

What piece of jewelry is your favorite? I’ll stick with earrings and necklaces and I’m at the point of bigger is better … so minimal kept? A I do not care !!! What about you?

The best jewelry brands in the world


There are those brands that are responsible for the sparkling gems of Hollywood celebrities and those names that probably put every lady in ecstasy: We present ten international and prominent jewelry brands and jewelers.


High Italian jeweler’s art: Bulgari. The roots of the jewelry brand, however, are in Greece. In 1884 the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari opened a shop in Rome. A few years later, in the early 20th century, Sotirio Bulgari opened its jewelery boutique in the famous Via Condotti. It is still the flagship store of the company.


As great style icons such as Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn , and especially Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s and 1960s discovered their preference for Bulgari jewelry, the company became world famous. The brand became a favorite of the jet set. There are now 236 boutiques worldwide.

Warning – Do not buy silver jewelry before reading this

silver-jewelryThere are many different names for the silver jewelry on the market today. Then, what are all these types of silver and what mean?

This article will educate you so that you understand what the terminology is different when you are buying silver jewellery and silver objects.

What is silver?

Silver is a metal that has been used for hundreds of years. The silver is extracted from many countries, but the major producers are Mexico, Peru and Australia. In its pure form, it is usually considered too soft for daily use. Therefore, other metals are added to pure silver, such as copper.
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Where to find cheap jewelry

cheap-jewelryJewelry does not have to be synonymous with Caro. All you need is a bit of research on where search in the luxurious is better without costing you an eye of the face. Then, where exactly can you find for jewelry cheap that it is not seen as a? Read below.

Small shops Department

Forget boutiques and specialty stores. Most of the local stores have this counter special for jewelry on sale, especially when it is near the end of a season in a certain way. You will be surprised to see articles with considerable discounts.
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How to buy a diamond

buying-diamondHow to buy a diamond is the first question that you should ask yourself if you are in the market for a diamond ring. If you are a consumer without education in the field of diamonds then you should know that diamonds should never be purchased as a game of chance. You bet, loses. The best approach here, if you want to take the gamble out of the equation, would be to familiarize yourself with the diamond in particular that it is about to buy.

The important question is whether the average consumer may exercise the precise sentence the same as a qualified professional, who based his view on the scientific training and practical experience. The average consumer can learn how to evaluate the stone “total personality” and their critical factors such as weight, brightness, cut, clarity and color. These helps you, the consumer, learn how to balance different factors for judging the value of the diamond. Learn all the facts about diamonds as possible, and spend time in the market of listen and ask questions before you decide to buy will prepare you to be a smart client that would be more likely to get what you want at a fair price.
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Jewelry – a reflection of her personality

fashion_JewelryJewelry in recent years has become an important part of our lives. It adds a kind of our personality. The jewels add to your appearance a burning sensation. Jewelry reveals the splendid beauty of the wearer.

With the advent of online shopping rage, even jewelry stores have come online. There are many websites that are committed to safe buy jewelry online. One can find a wide range of quality and unique design jewelry at an affordable price.

Buyers can choose from the wide range of jewelry categories, namely, bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, pendants, earrings all with Internet access. Links of London charms are known throughout the world for his charismatic appearance and customized to your needs. They are the perfect gift for your loved define the depth of his love. Rings define a lifetime commitment, carries personal charms bracelets depicting memorable moments of life.
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Best Friend Jewelry – For your best Gal Pal

Friend-JewelryFriendship day is one of the most important days. Today, in a world we barely have time to see our families, due to pressure of work, and long distances, friends have become more important than ever, there are certain things we can speak only of our girlfriends.

These things can not be shared with anyone else – no matter how close we are to our family, boyfriends or husbands. This is the reason why women share such deep emotional ties. This is because they are able to share the other’s deepest feelings, fears and dreams. And one day friendship is the day you can really show your best friend how much you care for her.
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Gold jewelry is a gift of Mother’s Day

It seems that Mother’s Day has managed to encourage the recession in the United States. Gold jewelery are highly sought after by the sons and daughters who will buy gifts for their beloved mothers. There is a buying frenzy that has gripped America for Mother’s Day which falls on May 10.

According to some surveys, people spend about $ 2.5 million in gifts for Mother’s Day this year. The amount of money spent on jewelry per person has risen to $ 123.89 last year to $ 126.90 this year. These surveys outline the fact that people are spending a little more than they did last year. Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick and now Mother’s Day are proof that people are trying to forget about the recession.

We know that Mother’s Day is the feast USA the second largest expense after the winter break. Although people are determined to make the most of this holiday have not stopped looking for cheaper gifts, but with more sentimental value. You will choose between retailers and restaurants are offering promotions after dinner for the entire family to small bouquets.

There will be more traffic in jewelry stores and department stores. The first on the list of gifts are mom and step mom and then come the wives. Others will buy gifts for their daughters, grandmothers, sisters or friends. It is obvious that men spend much more for gifts for Mother’s Day that women.

Gold is known to be a very good investment especially now in these times of financial problems. If you do not choose the right gold jewelry does not have to worry too much. The last thing these days are gold parties. If someone does not like the gift they can sell the jewelry for the holidays

An easy guide to the perfect wedding jewelry

wedding-jewelleryBridal jewelery is an essential accessory for the dress. It accentuates and makes it look bright. It is so important that every wedding has its wear matching wedding jewelry. But in a world of a thousand and one kinds of jewelry, how to ensure you have the right?

Well, the answer would be to choose according to your budget, the type of dress, the wedding theme and personal preferences of the couple.

If you are having a traditional wedding, you would need more glamorous jewelry. Traditional weddings call for extensive formal and elegant wedding dresses. You will have to wear expensive jewelry to match the grandeur of the occasion. You need gold, diamonds or silver for extra sparkle. A beach wedding however, require somewhat less elegant. Platinum and silver may be appropriate.
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