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New Pandora Jewelry Valentine

New Pandora Jewelry Valentine

As usual and demonstrating the main feature of the signature Pandora, which is their strong emotional moment for everyone and, Pandora now has its new collection of jewelry special valentine , charms, earrings, rings … a collection full very romantic that falls to anyone.

Meet the new jewels of love with Pandora …

If you already have or have a Pandora bracelet, what better gift than a new charm of love for Valentine !!
Comfort and gives you Pandora when choosing a gift for an important date, is appreciated … Pandora always has a special charm and staff for each /, offering the possibility to be able to carry with us the memory some special time in our lives (marriage, travel, pet …)

For this occasion, Pandora brings charms and jewelry heart shaped or details of hearts in bright pink and white zircons elegant, ideal for such an emotional day such as Valentine’s Day.

New Pandora Jewelry Valentine1

Hanging Charms
These are the new pendants charms Pandora signature, all with the celebration of “Valentine’s Day”; precious hearts with zircons, cupid charm in silver and gold accents, cubic zirconia pendant with love in pink.

The new Pandora charms, will be great on your wrist, giving it a romantic touch with its heart-shaped pieces, or details of hearts in pink zirconia.

Pandora has also brought new models of earrings and rings to complete this significant collection …
Pieces in heart shape with zircon, stone … and many more models.

Jewelry by Bulgari – Italian lifestyle


For over a century, Bulgari connects the name with lavish jewels. The company is a high, italian jewelery. The roots of the luxury brand, however, lie in Greece.

The company’s history begins with the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari. He opened a shop in 1884 in Rome and so laid the foundation of today’s international brand Bulgari. Buckles, bracelets and buttons, silver belt, silverware and antiques he sold first. A few years later, in the early 20th century, Sotirio Bulgari opened its jewelery boutique in the famous Via Condotti. It is still the flagship store of the company.

The sons Giorgio and Constantino Bulgari designed the store with lots of pink and beige marble and attracted by the noble Open up a cash strong clientele. At this time, the family established the famous logo of the brand with the original “V” – “BVLGARI”. To date, the logo is a guarantee of Italian luxury.

Jewelry by Bulgari - Italian lifestyle 1

Opulence, color and volume

As great style icons such as Sophia Loren , Audrey Hepburn , and especially Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s and 1960s, at the time of the economic miracle of the postwar period, their preference for Bulgari jewelry discovered, the company became world famous. The brand became a favorite of the jet set. Inspired by Greek and Roman art have the typical golden, occupied with big colorful gemstones necklaces and bracelets from Bulgari own formal language.

Opulence, color and volume – these are the three main features of the Bulgari style. Since the 1970s, fine watches of the Italian tradition of the house were added.

Jewelry by Bulgari - Italian lifestyle 2

The collections of Bulgari

Each year, new collections are added. Not only jewelry and timepieces launched under the name Bulgari. Eyewear collections, scarves and leather products steadily expanded the range of the Italian company. The mid-1990s resulted in the product range fragrant growth: The first women’s fragrance “Cologne au the vert” followed a year later the perfume “Bulgari pour Femme”. The Italian luxury jeweler is now established in the fragrance industry, just as in the jewelry business.

Fusion of the Bulgari company with LVMH Group

In March 2011, takes over Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SA (LVMH) Bulgari. Sale price: a whopping 4.3 billion euros – have never had paid so much money for a takeover target of French luxury group. The Bulgari family was selling on the entire shareholdings of 50.4 percent and received three percent of LVMH shares. Thus, they are the second largest family shareholder of the Group after the Arnault.

This year the company Bulgari celebrates 130-year anniversary. There are now 236 boutiques around the world, so the world over a sparkling piece of Italian (and some Greek) culture of life is worn.

Cleaning Tips for Leather Designer Handbags


If you’ve spent the money on a leather handbag that you hope to keep for life, you need to take care of it to ensure its longevity. Of course, prevention is always better than cure, so take heed of these tips to prevent your designer handbags from getting dirty in the first place:

• Your handbag should not be your pen bag – ink is a pain to clean, even for professionals
• Make sure liquid contents are securely closed (juice, perfume etc.)
• Don’t rest it on the floor or dirty countertops
• Be careful of handling it after using cosmetics

At-Home Cleaning
If there are any grease or oil stains to start with, simply wipe them away with a dry cloth (make sure it is clean!). And if you do have any ink stains that are relatively small, you can try using rubbing alcohol: soak a cotton swab or cotton ball with the alcohol and, very gently, rub the ink stain. Make sure that you rub gently because excessive rubbing could essentially push the stain further inwards, making it even harder to remove.

Next, get a spray bottle and fill it with distilled water and a mild soap such as face wash, liquid detergent, or even baby wash – make sure to add just a few drops. Shake the bottle until it is thoroughly mixed and you see suds appear. Spray the solution onto a soft sponge or microfiber cloth (harder materials could scratch the leather and cause further damage), and wipe gently. Wipe with smooth and even strokes, and, to protect the integrity of the leather, go with the grain and not against. Finally, wipe the treated area with a clean, dry cloth to ensure that you’ve soaked up any moisture that may have remained behind.

Quick Tips
Before taking any of the steps mentioned above, always do a spot-test before applying the method to the entire bag: choose a spot which is not very visible—like the inside of the strap, for example—and test the cleaning method there to make sure that it doesn’t cause damage.
Frequently wiping your leather designer handbags with baby wipes is a quick and inexpensive way to keep them clean on a regular basis – perhaps keep some in your car.

Avoid cleaning solutions that contain petroleum – it is known to damage leather.
Minor scratches can be touched up with shoe polish; just don’t uses too much as it could cause the leather to stiffen. Be mindful though, that this is a temporary solution as the polish will rub off over time to reveal the scratch that it’s covering up.

If you’re planning on storing your designer handbags for a lengthy period of time, don’t seal them in bags or containers – leather is an animal hide, and as such, it needs air to breathe. Incorrect storage could cause your best bag to dry out and crack. Rather use pillowcases or dustcovers so that the bags remain protected but not smothered.
Leaving bags on concrete floors can promote mildew and exposure to extreme temperatures can also cause damage.

How to clean sterling silver?

sterling-silverSilver jewelry we buy, the concern is that the money blackened. Nothing abnormal, it is the material which oxidizes and unfortunately, nothing to do, because it depends on the acidity of your skin. So here are some tips and tricks to brighten her jewels, thud, and bracelet in silver. With these tips you will highly practical restore radiance to your most precious jewels so that well revert silver. A selection of original and unusual jewelry found elsewhere. Here is some tips jewelry very practical and easy to do yourself for daily life.

Tips for shining silver jewelry

Blacken your silver jewelry is quite normal do not worry they react to the acidity of your skin. This is only an indication of any bad quality the contrary. So our first advice is practical to use an old toothbrush, some of baking soda above, talc or toothpaste and gently rub your jewelry. For the first time ever you can clean your silver name necklaces by using a soft cloth and rub the jewelry, you will see that the black fabric and comes on the part of jewelry. Attention nevertheless not to damage a stone if there is one and does not use a brush too hard will make scratches.
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Crystal jewelry – retrieve the shine

Crystal-jewelryThose who love to wear jewelry never would say no to the glass. They are simply irresistible and dazzling. The soft glow and bright luster of this element makes it simply wonderful. When are they hung the ears or to hang from the neck, small designs and the reflection of light, just makes them see fascinating and imposing.

New Crystal jewelry always shines bright and dazzling. But what happens with the brightness when the jewelry is a little old? You can find antique jewelry becoming a little boring and the brightness disappearing and makes that sad, especially if the trinkets were their favorites. But now, there is something you can do about this problem. You can make your jewelry shine as the day you purchased them, again.
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How to clean your wedding ring

weeding-ring-cleaningWhat do you brush your teeth and clean your wedding ring have in common? Well, whether you believe it or not a little. I’m sure there are many ways you can clean your wedding ring, but the question remains – what will do the job better? The three most effective methods for cleaning a wedding ring include toothpaste, window cleaner, and of course a trip to the jewelers.

Using an old toothbrush and toothpaste can be one of the easiest and cheapest to maintain their sparkling gems. The best part is that you have everything you need in your bathroom. All you have to do is take an old toothbrush and apply a small amount of toothpaste. Rub the toothbrush on the ring creating a good lather and rinse.

Use of windows cleaner is very similar to using toothpaste. Fill a small intestine with a little warm water and a small amount of window cleaner. While the ring is in the water, gently rub the ring with a rag. When finished cleaning, and viola – a beautiful diamond ring.
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Guide to Using and Maintaining Jade Jewelry

jade-jewelryPeople who love the use of jade jewelry, here are some ways to help keep your jade jewelry beautiful and bright for years.

For those who love antique gems, jade is a quality item that is well known from the prehistoric period. One can find various shades and jade colors like blue, pink and emerald green, however, the most common color in jade green. With hardness equal to quartz, jade, traditionally used as a weapon during the pre-historic era.

Over time, the popularity of jade also saw an increase and soon told as a gemstone that soon became the official gemstone of British Columbia. According to legend and folklore, jade was used to attract good luck, wisdom, health and prosperity and strengthening the body of various ailments of heart, kidney, thyroid, kidney and liver to name a few.
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Body Piercing Jewelry – Caring for your body jewelry

Body_Piercing_JewelryWhether sleek and sophisticated or edgy and industrial body piercing jewelry gives a unique and personalized. Before purchase and use of body piercings, it is important to know how to care for it. Here are five key tips that will help you focus your body jewelry last for years …

Body Jewelry proper cleaning

First, prior to any piece of body jewelry, make sure your hands are clean. It is best to use an antibacterial soap and air or dry hands or use a lint-free cloth. While it may seem like a sermon warning, unnecessary, the fact is that most infections begin drilling for handling jewelry with unwashed hands.

Then make sure that the piece itself is clean. Do not immerse your body piercing jewelry in alcohol. If it does, it tends to loosen the adhesive and, finally, that the most fragile.
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Caring for Silver Earrings Chandelier

Earrings-ChandelierChandelier earrings are the hottest accessory this year and are here to stay. chandelier earrings are popular among celebrities today, as it helps them to draw attention to themselves on the red carpet or they can make an awesome team. Common chandelier earrings are made of sterling silver because silver is a very easy to use and give different forms.

Most people do not know that sterling silver is also very delicate material that must be taken care of regularly. Due to its chemical silver tarnishes over time. The tarnishing process also can be accelerated by perspiration of humans and contact with other elements. Sterling silver earrings and jewelry must be cared for and cleaned regularly. Some cleaning chemicals can be too hard on sterling silver jewelry. Here are some tips on how to clean your sterling silver earrings and jewelry with everyday products that can do the job without damaging your sterling silver jewelry.
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Taking good care of her engagement ring

engagement-ringsHer engagement ring has a value that can not be replaced with another. It may not be the most expensive piece of jewelry you own. But the sentimental value of the part exceeds the financial value. Therefore repairing your wear ring after an accident or simple wear is not an easy task. Care must be taken to ensure adequate compensation for the ring. In general, most engagement rings are delicate creations with intricate details of the band, as well as in the configuration. Each part of the ring is subjected to daily wear in need of repair. This applies to the stone, setting, and the band.
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