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Women’s Fashion Jewelry: Tips For a Good Online Shopping Experience

Accessories are truly women’s passion to the limit that many women craze for everything new about them. When it comes to shopping jewelry from online stores, there are various aspects to take into consideration. Here are ten useful tips for a pleasant shopping tour.


Make your list in advance

Unless you are just browsing the images and the available items for a time pass, you need to write down or at least have in mind your shopping list. Jewelry is of many types according to many different criteria: Continue reading


Photographing Jewelry – Not An Easy Craft


Photographing jewelry is one of the most difficult types of objective shooting. To reveal the beauty, splendor and elegance of jewelry is not easy, because you need to properly convey the necessary depth, volume and texture of the product. And this is only on the forces of true professionals who know all the features of photographing jewelry.

It does not matter for what purpose the picture is taken, the result of the photo should be abolished. To achieve the desired effect, the photographer must use professional equipment, which includes a variety of light boxes, cubes, cones, etc. This training explains the special features of jewelry. They have a fairly complex form, which, if improperly lighting can create unwanted shadows, reflections and glare.
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Fashion earring studs. TOP-44 of earrings in the photo

Earring studs / earrings pusety / stud earrings are incredibly popular in recent years. This versatile earrings that are perfect for the evening as well as on every day. And choose from many fashionable options we will help you. We gathered in one place all the fancy carnations from leading designers and jewelry brands. Maximum small faint cloves or large? Gold or silver studs? With precious stones or without him?
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Engagement rings are seeking more in February

engagement-ringsFebruary is the month for sellers of gold flowers, chocolates … and diamonds, according to spokesmen jewelers Cavallini Derico Müller 1900, this month and December are the only ones that have spikes in sales of these jewels, which for the rest of the year are sold steadily.

The diamond stone remains the favorite to represent the commitment, and customers prefer them solo, with brilliant style cut (rounded contour) and mounted in 14 karat white gold. From there, all combinations are possible.

According Gilberth Cavallini, jewelry D. Cavallini in Multiplaza del Este, the most wanted sizes are 20 to 50 points.”However, customers also seek one-carat diamonds, which are more colorful and expensive,” he explains.
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Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend wants tattoos instead of wedding rings

Casper-Smart-jennifer-lopezThe choreographer Casper Smart, the young couple in the music star, is desperate to walk down the aisle with singer and has proposed that instead of exchanging rings, the couple tattooed on their ring fingers love enrollment Eternal usually recorded in alliances. Far from achieving its purpose of impressing the artist, the original proposal would have the opposite effect and caused horror in the Bronx diva.

“When Casper told the idea to Jennifer, she froze and then started laughing out loud. The poor guy just wanted to touch his girlfriend with the idea, and show their commitment to an innovative initiative that exceeded that of his three previous husbands. Casper feel enough pressure to be at the height of the previous couples Jennifer has had “revealed to Star magazine, a source close to the dancer.
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Jewels for Christmas

Is Christmas coming and surely many of you want to yours loved precious jewelry to be able to look at these parties as indicated by what in Cheap Jewelry do a review to the best Jewelry for Christmas.

Many of the brands of jewelry often launch face Christmas collections or special pieces what to be able to give and take in more marked celebrations of the year, so if you’re looking for a nice jewel for Christmas, you can find that so very known as Tous or Swarovski brands have already presented some of his proposals.
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Christmas Gift Jewelry

Christmas-Gift-JewelryAlways that a preferred choice for loved ones gifts have been and are the jewels. Gift jewelry always has been an expression of love and good taste. A jewel is forever and the gold reflects feelings, love, passion, affection…

Many times, most, jewelry gifts are aimed at women. However, we do not give the same jewel according to the relationship that you have with that person. So, who go directed that gift?.

If it’s our girlfriend we could resort to a chain with a pendant beautiful though, that Yes, should carry any inscription that customize the gift, indicative of the love that is in. This inscription could be a small message of love, a date, or the initials of both. We suggest that the pendant could be kind heart, Angels, name or initials, medals or plaques with the photo, etc… If we want to take advantage of the gift to close our commitment we wherein to an engagement ring. What Nice can be a declaration of love in the holiday season.
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Jewelry – a Cultural perspective

jewelryJewelry is one of the many decorations that have evolved and changed over time. These changes, and even the use of jewels, is not universal in all cultures. As a matter of fact, it seems totally opposite among different groups, schedules and even in different countries. Religions have also used jewelry or rejection of jewels as embellishment staff, often using the same text or write to make reference to what jewelry you must or it must not be used.

In the early days recorded in many different cultures jewelry was used as a sign of status and power. He is believed that e. Egyptians and the Romans were the first to create and value as an ornament of fashion jewellery, although other groups jewelry used for specific groups within the culture. This jewelry was typically large parts, similar to the bracelets cuff and gold pendants and heavy that they are still very much in vogue today. The Greeks soon branched into different forms of jewellery including beads, earrings of gold and delicate chains and even the smallest, finest rings of stones precious appearing like garnets, amethysts, pearls and emeralds. All this was made before 1400 BC, which means that these Greek jewelers were already in the forefront of fashion.
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Honorine Jewels, From Bombay To Paris


From Bombay where she lives surrounded by Art Deco buildings, the Honorine Jewels, Fanny Boucher, French designer could imagine as a colorful collection. Inspired particularly by the time Bauhaus and of large figures women’s the end of the 19th century such as Vita Sackville-West and the marquise Casati, it offers loops earrings, rods and rings where the yellow gold blends with semi-precious stones. A winning combination to look exclusively at the White Bird jewelry store concept.
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