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A Brief Guide to Tungsten Rings


Tungsten rings have been increasing in popularity in the last few years. Originally tungsten wedding bands were purchased by men who worked in manual jobs such as construction work. These provided a more durable ring which was not as easily worn down and scratched. A Tungsten Carbide could withstand cracking even if there was a severe impact to the finger.

The Classic Tungsten Rings

The carbide Tungsten wedding bands are available in a polished, Florentine, brushed or dual toned finish. They are available in a flat pipe design, dome shaped or with a beveled edge or step down edging.

Carved Tungsten Wedding Bands

This design is relatively new and can offer a carved detailing or a raised finish. The high quality of this style of Tungsten rings will age well over time and should last an entire lifetime.


Inlaid Tungsten Rings

This style of rings feature inlays of redwood, ceramic, carbon fiber or precious metal. The center inlay of the ring is protected by tungsten with a coating of liquid crystal for additional protection. These types of wedding bands create a unique aesthetic which looks fantastic.

Colored Tungsten

This style of ring can provide a unique aesthetic without compromising on quality. The three colors of gold, chocolate and black are laser etched and although they are not as durable as standard tungsten, they can provide a great fashion statement.

Tungsten styles can be purchased from reputable companies which offer a great warranty. In fact, many retailers will now offer warranty or lifetime trade in to ensure that you have long term confidence in your purchase.

If you are interested in Tungsten rings for men or women, you are sure to find a style to suit your personal preferences. You can be assured of great quality and a strong reputation for durability and strength the entire time you are wearing your Tungsten wedding bands.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Jewelry Fashion Styles for You

Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling Silver Jewelry

Each year, about fashion runways via Nyc for you to London, Milan, as well as Toyko, sterling silver will be “new again” because developers understand it in new and exciting ways. What makes sterling silver a fashion definite? The solution is apparent: with regards to attractiveness, versatility, durability, along with affordability, sterling silver jewelry can be unsurpassed.

At the disposal of talented performers and makers, sterling silver is continually “reinvented” to match the growing preferences in the females who put it on. Nevertheless no matter whether like a ring, a new necklace around your neck, or even bracelets, standing up by yourself as well as introduced along with jewels as well as other precious metals…sterling silver is always throughout fashion.

Is really examined what exactly is “hot” this year:

Serenity associated with Silver

Throughout ’04, numerous Oscar speakers along with recipients used subtly and simply designed “Dove of Peacefulness.Inches flag. Embraced through this sort of Showmanship luminaries because Meryl Streep, Ann Sarandon, Came Barrymore, and Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s got recently been noticed on the Dali Lama along with Nobel Tranquility Laureates Oscar Aria Sanchez, Gloria Williams, Mairead Corrigan Maguire, as well as previous United nations Helper Secretary-General Gillian Sorrensom.

Today non-celebrities may possibly buy the pin inside sterling silver pin to indicate both his or her resolve for peacefulness in addition to their fashion impression. The particular August 2005 sterling silver decryption was created simply by award-winning U . s . jewelry musician Holly Dunay for you to speak out loud the force associated with Picasso’s “Dove Of Peacefulness.Inch

Silver Display

Using the tremendous rise in popularity of your “Lord of the Rings” series, it comes since no surprise that developers are coming up with jewelry using the elaborately created bits within the motion pictures. Depending on the genuine necklace worn inside the Master from the Rings film, the particular Arwen Evenstar Ring is actually constructed inside sterling silver and also comes in a wood reward package. Measuring 2-1/2 ins in size using a 18″ sterling silver chain as well as a Swarovski crystal rock, every piece comes with certificates regarding authenticity, adding long-term price to the various other expensive jewelry.

Works Like no bodies business

Charm wristbands tend to be wonderfully vintage and intensely cutting edge. Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Levigne, Hilary Duff, as well as other high-visibility high-fashion celebrities are usually wrapping his or her wrists throughout silver wristbands together with the hip M.The. model “Eldorado Club.Inches

The particular “Girlie Allure Bracelet” is decorated along with wonderful femme-friendly necklaces such as a kitty, any cocktail cup, and a kitty.

Sterling Silver * Always In Type on your Twenty fifth House warming
Whatever checklist a person check with — traditional, modern or the right now common “ultra-modern” (including such things as wall clocks and appliances) — silver is the Twenty-first century present of choice for any 25th wedding anniversary. Whether it is silver’s sturdiness, it’s durability, the overall flexibility as well as its unrivaled attractiveness, sterling silver is definitely an exquisite memento involving 25 years of caring dedication from a several.

At the top of this list on this springs “What’s Hot” inside silver wedding anniversary gifts, women say they need allure necklaces, hoop ear-rings, and also locks ornaments. Pertaining to wives who want to existing their husbands with sterling silver giveaways, the actual “top from the charts” choices are engraved cufflinks, tie clips, funds videos, neck of the guitar stores, i.Deb. necklaces.

Materials used in Jewellery

gold-materialsAnd readily available natural materials such as wood, animal teeth, bones, stones or sea shells were the first to be used to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Over the centuries they have continued to use other natural materials but require a process of extraction and processing more complex. The discovery of gold and silver added a huge economic value to the jewelry giving these pieces a symbol of exclusivity and wealth. The jewelry also represented an investment alternative less exposed to the vagaries of inflation and business cycles.

The high-level jewelry usually made with precious metals: gold, silver or platinum. Alternatively you can incorporate gemstones. Among the factors that determine the price of a jewel is the purity of the material, gloss, design, rarity and size of the gems that could incorporate.
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Sparkling charms for your charm bracelet

silver_charmsDazzling new jewelry collection of Glitter’s Silver Dream in the cold season. The sparkling charms made ​​of high quality 925 sterling silver spice up any charm bracelet. The delicately crafted pendant with lobster clasp can be worn on necklaces and fit any charm bracelet from the Silver Dream collection, and those of other manufacturers.
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The simple story of palladium

palladium-metalPalladium is a member of the group of platinum metals, also known as the noble metals. Native refers platinum to platinum, which is not actually pure platinum, but rather natively alloy mixed with other platinum group members, which includes palladium. Palladium Platinum not separated by long after the discovery of platinum. The early history of palladium is the same as platinum.

First Platinum is considered of little value and was soon used by counterfeiters to make gold Spanish coins. The coins were minted in platinum, then with gold to look like real gold coins. Right now European scientists are very interested in this metal. That was because this substance can not be melted by fire and was heavier than gold and do not corrode with gases or chemicals. Finally, in 1751, was recognized as a newly discovered element. Palladium was discovered by the British chemist William Hyde Wollaston in 1804. It took nearly two centuries for palladium significance of being recognized.
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History of Silver Through the Ages

silverSilver has been known as a precious metal since ancient times, when people in ancient Egypt the metal used in jewelry and ceremonial ornamentation. The Egyptians were trading silver and acquirer as tribute, possibly as early as 5000 BC. The graves have been discovered already in 2900 BC.

The bright color and feasible properties of silver have undoubtedly contributed to the widespread use of metals, and the rarity of that has become second only to gold in value since ancient times (though we now have more value metals heavily on even gold.) silver jewelry with gemstones worked or glass, and was often working in cultures like Greece or Rome to avoid the “evil eye.” Other cultures, like the Egyptians wore jewelry as ornamentation. Prominently included in burials as well as being used for ceremonial purposes.

Antique jewelry silver was worked in several forms, the most common metal hammer in the right way, or melting and pouring of silver to create jewelry. This made jewelry both crude compared to today’s standards. Another jewelery method involved using watermarking techniques.
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Sterling silver bracelet puts a smile on the face of a woman

Sterling-silver-braceletA sterling silver bracelet is so beautiful that it puts a smile on the face of a woman. It is one of the jewels that women prefer because of its accessibility and sophisticated look.

Its unique style blended beautifully with platinum white gold really makes a difference.

For many years, a gold bracelet is preferred not only by women but also by men over other material bracelet. It has been a symbol of wealth, elegance and sophistication. Until recently, sterling silver began to gain popularity worldwide.

There are tips for maintaining a sterling silver bracelet longer. It should be given proper care to maintain its luster. It should be kept away from damp and wet. It should be a closed to minimize passage of air causes oxidation. Also avoid the wooden boxes for storage of these bracelets.
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Silver Dollar

silver-dollarSilver is one of the most versatile and precious metals can be put to more than one use. Serves practical and ornamental purposes. It has been used for the manufacture of coins of different denominations, because it is a malleable metal. History of the use of silver coins can be traced to the 15th century when silver deposits in Germany and central Europe were hit on the coins. Thomas Jefferson advocated the coinage of silver in the United States. The first silver dollar was beaten in 1794 and its recommendation.

There are different types of silver dollars that come with different nomenclatures. Silver Dollars are also collectors, and people who have a passion for collecting coins are always on the look out for rare. The Peace Silver Dollar is a favorite of coin collectors. The dollar coin intended for general circulation have 90% silver content. It is known as the true silver dollar, minted from then, and those who do not have much money on them. The production of the silver dollar peace began between 1934 and 1935, in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. Its importance also lies in the fact that it was issued to commemorate the end of World War I
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Lifetime Gold or Silver – Choosing a Perfect Wedding Ring

gold-wedding-ringDo not forget the ring a famous saying drummed into the best man before the wedding, so it goes for the future bride / groom too. With all wedding preparations it is very easy to put your mind to buy the most important item that makes the wedding ceremony a memorable one. The wedding ring is so important because it bonds two people and is the exchange of wedding rings that finalize the vow (I).

Make a checklist of all your wedding plans and make sure that choosing a perfect wedding ring is one of his top priorities, as well as up in the day?

Choosing a wedding ring is not as simple as you think, the thought is needed behind your chosen design. What you need to remember the wedding band binds the happy couple together forever. This ornate piece of jewelry with a meaning both will be used every day so we have to choose something very special.
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Rings Cubic Zirconia in a band of gold

Rings-Cubic-ZirconiaIf your big day is approaching and mounting costs, then an alternative to a diamond engagement ring may well be a cubic zirconia ring.

Cubic Zirconia Rings have developed greatly in recent years are now a plausible alternative to diamonds of couples where money problems are a very real problem. Due to its increasing quality, are mounted in a gold ring is now a very real option.

Cubic Zirconia rings have traditionally been set in the configuration of silver or silver mounts as the standard of actual Zirconia stone did not justify the price increase made by mounting a gold band. In short, if someone wants to save money by buying a CZ ring, then it was unlikely to be willing to pay for a gold band.
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