Brilliant “Agra” Part 5

Agra_taj_mahalOn the third day of the trial evidence was given by Edward Streeter. The defendant told the court the story of a brilliant “Agra” was bought them at Mr. Hirst, noting that it has a deep knowledge in the field of jewelry, on which he wrote the book “The Greatest Diamond World.” Streeter added that at the time of writing, there were an estimated more than 70 diamonds weighing over 30 carats. Especially diamonds were rare pink, blue and green. In this regard, “Agra” was bought them relatively inexpensive – just 15 000 pounds.

On the origin of the diamond Streeter learned from Colonel Bertcha, who once served in the British forces in India. At trial, it was found that the stone to 1665, he was the property of the treasure of the Emperor Aurangzeb, and was formerly occupied by Emperor Babur, a descendant of Tamerlane, the master of Western Tartary and founder of the Mughal Empire. The colonel also said Streeter, the diamond was part of the headdress of another Emperor Akbar and later went on to Nadir Shah. At trial, Streeter said he was not aware of such historical facts, such as the fact that Babur died already in 1530, while Aurangzeb was born only in 1618 (Streeter ignorance of these facts is puzzling, since he himself previously wrote about them in his book “Velichashie diamonds world “, which was published in 1882.)

mughal_emperor_baburStreeter further explained that by selling him a stone Hertz said his weight was slightly reduced after the diamond was transferred to Europe. This fact, the defendant intended to mark a fresh edition of his book about famous diamonds. Streeter said that before buying “Agra” it is about her not listening. Since the stones with similar color and form earlier in Europe has not met, Streeter not without reason that the “Agra” is truly unique.

The fifth day of the hearing was the final – first to briefly address the judge, and then the jury retired to the jury room. Four hours later a verdict – already sold jewelry awarded to the plaintiff, and those which have not yet been issued the contract were the defendant, Streeter – in them was brilliant “Agra”. A year after the trial, Lord Donegal, Streeter told the story of how a pink diamond supposedly Agra was taken from India. Maybe he read the court reports and set out to clarify the situation, especially in those places where Colonel Bertch contradicts himself.

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