Brilliant “Agra” Part 6

tajmahal-riverIn 1904, Streeter, retired, and the diamond passed to his successors, the Parisian jeweler La Cloche Freres, which acquired the shop and some of the items sold there. Most of the relatively cheap jewelry was bought by Debenham & Freebody. The remaining products, including the most valuable, were sent for sale in the auction house Christie in London. Bidding took place February 22, 1905. “Agra”, apparently became a key lot, was sold last. The booklets then Stone described as “magnificent pink diamond of the highest quality, weighing 31 and 12/32 carat” No name for the stone was fixed, but it is obvious that the last slot at these auctions was just brilliant “Agra”. British newspaper The Times wrote at the time that the auction attracted public opinion and was attended by even a few collectors from India. Starting price of the stone, is 1000 guineas, the bidding process has been raised to 5,100 guineas. Stone became the new owner of one Mr. Maz Myers, owner of the estate Hatton Garden.

Four years later, June 24, 1909 at the Paris auction sold off jewelry merchant Solomon Habib. His collection was listed eight items: number 5 was “Idol’s Eye,” and at number 8 “Hope.” Sixth was pincushion pink diamond weighing 31.50 carats stated price was 300 000 francs, but in the end, the stone was sold for only 82,000 francs. This diamond at an auction also was not named, but it is hard to believe, in fact, that it was not “Agra”.

Soon after, the diamond was purchased by Mr. Luis Uinansom, recently received an inheritance from his father, William Walter Uinansa, designer railways, which in Russia is known to have built the first commercial railroad from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

diamond-traderIn 1843 Tsar Nicholas I (1825 – 1855). Met George Whistler, brother of the famous actor James Mack Nela Whistler, inviting him to take the design of the railway, linking the two largest Russian cities. Position of Head of Traction Whistler in turn offered his old friend Rosa Uinansu engineer. Uinans himself rejected this proposal and instead sent himself sons – William and Thomas. The brothers were asked to build several locomotives and wagon trains for the new Russian railway – for that they had set aside a special plant in the Alexander area, near St. Petersburg. When in 1851 the construction of the railway was completed, Thomas Uinans with his Russian wife, returned to Baltimore, and William remained in Russia until 1862, continuing to build the locomotives at its plant. His son Louis Uinans then went to Brighton, where he took over the leadership of a small jewelry company, Lewis & Sons. In the family collection Uinansov as it turned out many famous jewels including “Golden Drop”, weighing 18.49 carats diamond “Agra”. By the way, the Golden Drop is a famous yellow diamond with saturated color and unusual shape.

June 20, 1990 an unknown trader, who inherited “Agra” and two diamonds from the collection, sent them for sale in the auction house Christie. During World War II, he hired a local blacksmith who made for the merchant iron box. All the jewels that have taken to this unknown gentleman from Luis Uinansa were placed in the box and buried in the garden, in one piece lying in the fighting.

Gemological Institute of USA described the “Agra” like a diamond with a natural pink color and purity VS2. Its proportions are 21.10 to 19.94 to 11.59 mm., And it weighs 32.24 carats. According to preliminary estimates, the price of 1.5 million pounds, but at a recent auction stone was sold for 4.07 million pounds (about $ 6.9 million) was the new owner of the stone SIBA Corporation of Hong Kong, the same company, in whose owns a diamond Alnata. All in all this unprecedented auction of jewelry was sold at 12.9 million pounds. To date, after several facets diamond weight is 28, 15 carats, and according to experts it has “fantastic pink” color.

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