Brilliant “Agra” Part 3

Agra diamond

A little later, diamond weight was reduced to 31.41 carats (32, 24 metric carats) – was done in order to eliminate the black blotches. In the history of the secret theft of stone from India, even harder to believe, having read a note of a U.S. citizen, who noted that possessed brilliant “Agra” for some time. This man said that to reduce the weight in 1899, the stone weighed all 71 carats. Could the horse swallow stone of this size?

What is known for sure is the fact that in 1891 Edward Streeter bought diamond “Agra” Hearts in Abram, known diamond merchant in Paris, which, in particular, and had decided that the black inclusions in stone. In exchange for the diamond Streeter gave Hearts pearl necklace, worth about 14,000 pounds, and paid another about 1000 pounds in cash.

Being owned by Streeter brilliant “Agra” in 1895 became the subject of litigation, which attracted the attention of the public. One London newspaper even gave it a special name – “Unusual Diamond Case” Sorry, did not survive almost any information about the plaintiff, Joseph Charles Tasker. Achieve justice and favorable solutions to the court of Messrs Streeter & Co. managed quickly. Still would be on her side played by none other than Sir Edward Clarke, who a few months later to defend the writer Oscar Wilde in the well known case. Upon his retirement, Sir Edward must have been well aware of the history of the origin of many famous diamonds, because in July 1889 he also had to defend the rights of the owner of not less famous diamond “Hope.”

At the beginning of the hearing, counsel Tasker, Mr. Finley said that buying a diamond Streeter was committed violations of the law, and asked the court to invalidate. Tasker himself at that time was 25 years, and shortly before the trial, he received an inheritance from their parents in the amount of 700 thousand pounds, which in our day is approximately $ 4 million to $ 5 million May 21, 1894 Tasker with his former teacher , Baron von Orsbakom, came into the store Streeter, to get a miniature model of the Holy City (Jerusalem), inlaid with precious stones. There Tasker met with Mr. Rogers, who during the trial was considered an authorized representative of Streeter. The next three weeks after they met Rogers completely devoted Tasker – lunched with him, dined with him, and was constantly in his company. Because of his addiction to alcohol while the plaintiff himself often felt unimportant and had a lot of time in bed.

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