Brilliant “Agra” Part 4

Mr. Finley said that over this time, Mr. Rogers showed plaintiff many jewelry stores defendant, some of whom later became Tasker. In three weeks, the plaintiff bought a jewelry store at 100 500 pounds sterling. Moreover, Rogers demonstrated Tasker brilliant “Agra”, which he said the prosecution, bought for 15,000 pounds. Plus Rogers also showed Tasker mock diamond “Hope”, stating that Streeter soon to buy it from the Court of Chancery of Great Britain, and put up for sale at a price of 32,000 pounds. The plaintiff agreed to buy a stone for that amount, but in the end, the deal fell through. Hearing this, the court invited two experts to assess value of a diamond, “Agra”. Mr. Jones appreciated gem in 8000 pounds, while Mr. Spink corrected him, saying that a diamond worth at least 10,000 pounds. Proposal of Sir Edward Clarke, that it is not worth to bring to the jury hearing and close immediately, the court rejected, then the defender turned directly to the jury by the speeches.

Mr. Clark said that when Tasker decided to go to court, he understood that there was no other way to make a difference for him unwanted Terms and Conditions of the diamond, but to try to smear the good name of the dealer in the eyes of society. “We see a strong attack on Mr. Streeter and his company. Representatives of the plaintiff’s attempt to convince us that my client brought Mr. Tasker mislead by fakes, and only, so the plaintiff made a wretched deal. Among other things, the charge refers to the fact that the plaintiff could not, in principle, to enter into any contract in connection with a persistent addiction to alcohol. However, we see that the plaintiff’s surrounded by people who are ready to protect him if he suddenly loses control. And could in this case, Baron von Orsbak bring someone, deranged because of drunkenness in Streeter shop to choose the layout of the jewels of the Holy City.

Returning to the diamond “Agra” Clark said his sale has not been discharged in a day. Transaction actually took place the day before the execution of all documents required for payment. It was determined that Mr. Streeter buying diamond seller did not pay the money, and gave a pearl necklace worth 14,000 pounds. Streeter said that, in his opinion, the diamond is worth so much, and no fraud in the transaction was done. The plaintiff took the exact same deal, but subsequently decided to cancel. It was agreed that he would sign payment orders on a particular day, however, when the representatives of the plaintiff Mr. Rogers and Mr. Rowe came to him at the hotel, we found that Tasker is in no hurry to fulfill their contract terms. Before you sign your payment instructions, the plaintiff gave to read them to his cousin.

Clark noted that there is no basis for the recognition of the fact that the defendant influenced the plaintiff or misled him. Sir Edward also drew the attention of the jury on the difference of opinion about the value of a diamond, “Agra” two experts, which clearly spoke in favor of the defendant. A little later, Mr. Streeter invited another expert – Mr. Dod – to testify in the case. This gentleman is first noted that for the past 40 years in the jewelry field and has extensive experience in assessing precious stones.

Mr. Dodd said that the brilliant “Agra” is extremely rare purple-pink color, and the price of 15 000 000 GBP for this stone is quite fair. His view was supported by another panel member Mr James Aymus Foster, who noted that the diamond is not only an unusual color, but is extremely rare in a bizarre shape. He saw the brilliant “Agra” seven years earlier in Paris, where he was put up for sale for 20,000 pounds. Such stones, he added, usually purchased for the coronation of monarchs or wedding royals.

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