Brilliant “Agra”

AgraAgra was founded by Mughal emperor, ruled that the city for hundreds of years was the capital of the vast kingdom until 1658, when Aurangzeb – the second Mughal emperor – moved his residence in New Delhi. It was here that the founder of the dynasty of Akbar was the famous letter from Queen Elizabeth I, later allowed his successor, Dzhagangiru adopt a charter in 1612, which guaranteed the British East India Company freedom of trade in the empire.

The history of the diamond, “Agra” has its origins in 1526, when Babur (1483 – 1530 gg.) – The first Mughal emperor, defeated the Raja Gvalura captured Acre. Babur the real name which Zahir-ud-din Muhammad – son of Omar Sheika Mirza, King of Ferghana (modern Turkmenistan). Taken them a name Babur means “tiger”. He was not only literate and educated ruler, but also a talented commander, allowing him to become the sole ruler of a vast empire. After a series of successful achievements, Babur sent his son and successor, Humayayna capture the city Agra, with which he successfully managed – he killed Raju and captured all the members of his family.

They decided to spare the life of the invader, and in gratitude to the prisoners presented Humayyanu gift in the form of a set of diamonds and precious stones. It is from now on a turbaned ruler Agra and there was the famed diamond, apparently, is among those members of the royal family gave the Mughal emperors.Probably the diamond has long remained in the ownership of the ruling family, as Akbar (1556 – 1605 gg.), The third emperor ordered to decorate the stone his hat, and later Aurangzeb (1658 – 1707 gg.) Hidden jewel in its treasury. After some time, the stone became the victim of the Persians, when Nadir Shah, in 1739, captured Delhi. Nadir Shah but later suffered a series of defeats, and “Agra” back into the hands of the Mughals and returned to India.

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