Emulate Your Favourite Celebrity Style with Visual Inspiration

Going on blogs, fashion sites and social media pages to stalk your favourite celebrity’s style are always helpful methods to recreate their style.

However, unless you keep a scrapbook or a mood board, it can be hard to keep track of what fashion choices you need to make to be more like your preferred icon.

Scrapbooks and mood boards are very effective in studying your style icon’s fashion sense, but with designer prices and custom made pieces, it is not always realistic to expect to be able to buy the same or similar pieces. If you are lucky enough to buy something very similar or identical, that may not be the whole outfit and you will still need to know if it is a style that you can personally pull off.

Unfortunately, the average person does not have access to the beauty and style team that a celebrity has; so it is all well and good to have the exact same clothing, but it will be that extra bit of styling that will help you put it together effortlessly.

One practical way to do this is to use a mannequin for sale to visualise the style you are aiming to have and look at how it all flows together.

Look at your skills and how you are able to style it, which is important especially if you have not been able to obtain the same pieces of clothing. Looking at your own ability to rework the style you are going for will let you know what works, what does not work and how successful you are at recreating a popular look.

A mannequin also gives you an outside perspective on the style; when you wear something, it can sometimes be difficult to judge just how good – or bad – it looks. You will either judge yourself too harshly or miss certain details that do not work.

Having a mannequin to help you recreate celebrity style will give you an objective perspective on the look.

Also, as mentioned before, it is not always possible to get the same clothes as a celebrity. However, with similar pieces and a mannequin to style them on, you can allow yourself to get as similar to the look as possible.

As well as this, a mannequin will give you the freedom to experiment with the celebrity’s style that you are trying to recreate.

You can use the style as a template or base to develop your own personal fashion sense.

Instead of completely copying every little thing your style icon wears, you can get creative, mix and match with things you already own and interpret the looks in your own ways. You can accessorise, switch up the colours to ones that suit you best, and alter styles to ones that flatter your shape the most.

Trying to emulate a celebrity’s style can be a tricky affair as you do not want to come off looking like a wannabe or a cheap knock off. However, with the use of a mannequin by inserting your own perspective and individuality, you will be able to triumphantly adjust their style to fit you.

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