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For over a century, Bulgari connects the name with lavish jewels. The company is a high, italian jewelery. The roots of the luxury brand, however, lie in Greece.

The company’s history begins with the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari. He opened a shop in 1884 in Rome and so laid the foundation of today’s international brand Bulgari. Buckles, bracelets and buttons, silver belt, silverware and antiques he sold first. A few years later, in the early 20th century, Sotirio Bulgari opened its jewelery boutique in the famous Via Condotti. It is still the flagship store of the company.

The sons Giorgio and Constantino Bulgari designed the store with lots of pink and beige marble and attracted by the noble Open up a cash strong clientele. At this time, the family established the famous logo of the brand with the original “V” – “BVLGARI”. To date, the logo is a guarantee of Italian luxury.

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Opulence, color and volume

As great style icons such as Sophia Loren , Audrey Hepburn , and especially Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s and 1960s, at the time of the economic miracle of the postwar period, their preference for Bulgari jewelry discovered, the company became world famous. The brand became a favorite of the jet set. Inspired by Greek and Roman art have the typical golden, occupied with big colorful gemstones necklaces and bracelets from Bulgari own formal language.

Opulence, color and volume – these are the three main features of the Bulgari style. Since the 1970s, fine watches of the Italian tradition of the house were added.

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The collections of Bulgari

Each year, new collections are added. Not only jewelry and timepieces launched under the name Bulgari. Eyewear collections, scarves and leather products steadily expanded the range of the Italian company. The mid-1990s resulted in the product range fragrant growth: The first women’s fragrance “Cologne au the vert” followed a year later the perfume “Bulgari pour Femme”. The Italian luxury jeweler is now established in the fragrance industry, just as in the jewelry business.

Fusion of the Bulgari company with LVMH Group

In March 2011, takes over Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SA (LVMH) Bulgari. Sale price: a whopping 4.3 billion euros – have never had paid so much money for a takeover target of French luxury group. The Bulgari family was selling on the entire shareholdings of 50.4 percent and received three percent of LVMH shares. Thus, they are the second largest family shareholder of the Group after the Arnault.

This year the company Bulgari celebrates 130-year anniversary. There are now 236 boutiques around the world, so the world over a sparkling piece of Italian (and some Greek) culture of life is worn.

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