Chopard New Year dinner at the hotel «Barvikha Hotel & Spa»

Chopard New Year dinner at the hotel «Barvikha Hotel & Spa»

December 16, 2014 at the hotel «Barvikha Hotel & Spa» New Year dinner hosted jewelery and watch company Chopard.

In the evening there was an atmosphere of Swiss Chalet – a harmonious blend of Alpine Christmas tales and expanses of the Russian soul: themed ornaments, Christmas decorations, candles, baskets with red apples and tangerines, crackling fireplace, a special gastronomic menu at the Russian style – all reminders of upcoming and long awaited Holidays – New Year’s Eve and Christmas.

Chopard New Year dinner at the hotel «Barvikha Hotel & Spa»

The coming year will melt particularly important for the jewelry and watch company Chopard. After all, in 2015, the brand will celebrate its 155th anniversary. In anticipation of the many festivals in Moscow, specially arrived Caroline Scheufele, co-president and creative director of Chopard.

At dinner Caroline Scheufele introduced the first anniversary of the jewelry collection Haute Joaillerie, who first traveled to Russia. The culmination of the evening was the presentation of works of fine jewelry. The guests had the opportunity to see first waking all the splendor of precious stones, lines and perfect result of hard work of masters of Chopard.

Chopard New Year dinner at the hotel «Barvikha Hotel & Spa»

Among the guests were to be found in jewelry Ulyana Sergeenko Chopard, Victoria and Anton Borisevich, Irina Tchaikovsky, Madina and Marian Gogh, Ida Lolo in jewelry Chopard, Emily Kazadzhyan, Eugene Linovich, Lily Shchedrin Beljak Anastasia, Elena Zakharova, Julia Kupriyanov, Svetlana home, Anna Gorshkov, Elena Zaitseva, Victoria and Oleg Shlyagovyh, Angelica Timaninu and many others.

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

The jewelry is one of the most important accessories to define a look and I imagine that this Christmas will drive them to finish her hand looks traditional festivals.

Family dinners, dinners with friends, business, … All require an outfit !!! And the jewelry is your greatest ally and if it costs less than 15 euros !!! The typical black dress sosillo can give of themselves in an event if we choose the right accessories.

Does the oven is not for buns or for more spending? I understand you, happens to me exactly the same, so we propose a selection of jewelery to not pique your pocket !!!

Maxi necklaces are the stars, you can not deny them !!! Golden, metallic, methacrylates …
Everything you see on our list costs less than 15 euros !!!

Review and record !!!

Stradivarius earrings

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Stradivarius necklace

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Necklace Bershka

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

White Bracelet

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

White Collar

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

White Collar

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

Mango Earrings

Jewellery for Christmas for less than 15 euros

What piece of jewelry is your favorite? I’ll stick with earrings and necklaces and I’m at the point of bigger is better … so minimal kept? A I do not care !!! What about you?

Welcome to online shopping sites; advantageous and addictive!

It is compulsive for some to shop till they drop. Before the advent of online shopping, such people would be found forever in shopping malls and other shopping avenues and this made them happy. But with the invasion of internet and shopping through internet into our houses, a lot has changed. Now, one would find compulsive shoppers glued to the laptop screens or browsing through their phone apps logged into various commercial e-sites.


There are several factors that have contributed to this surge of internet shopping through the online shopping sites. Below are enumerated some of the reasons that have made shopping through the internet an attractive affair.

  • A wide plethora of products, all under the wing of one site allows the consumer to browse well. Conveniently catalogued, the products are well displayed making it easy for people to pick them up.
  • E-commerce sites have numerous schemes to lure the buyers. While some offer out and out standard discounts periodically, there are other sites like Ebates that offer real cash upon shopping! The world in no longer inaccessible and neither is shopping in it. One can sit just about anywhere and shop from any part of the world.
  • Backed by a very responsive customer care unit, shopping experiences have truly been made phenomenal. Disputes, grievances, inconveniences, if any are addressed readily and resolved very quickly. The team pays genuine attention to give the e-customer a rewarding shopping experience.
  • Comparing products, providing insights into similar products and a thorough and detailed description of the products on display are some of the strong points of a good e-commerce site. They are suitably backed by images that present more than one profile for customer viewing helping him/her make up his/her mind.
  • Variety is the staple. Products that can be found in different colours in the case of clothing for instance give a world of options to the customers. Quick and correct indication of the products which are in stock and which aren’t make for some promising buying.
  • E-commerce sites are currently being developed which are responsive with smart phones. One has to no longer log through the computer to get to their favourite sites; he/she can do the same through compatible phones. Dedicated apps have also been developed that keep the shopper notified about the newer products that get included in the kitty.
  • Aggressive marketing techniques like strategic advertising, cookies, newsletters, e-mailers are some of the ways through which consumers are kept in the loop.
  • Lastly, a very effective and functional payment system allowing various methods like payments through credit/debit cards of prominent banks and cash on delivery system ensure that the whole process of buying is completed with ease.

Alexander McQueen “King of the Skulls”

Signature Alexander McQueen remains true to his aesthetic and gothic-chic line in its latest collection of accessories

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

We found the most striking additions to the latest collection of Alexander McQueen … rings, bracelets, foulards and of course his beloved clutches.

If you are in the world of fashion a signature criticized and admired at a time, this is Alexander McQueen. Do not leave anyone indifferent, many love their designs and others characterize as dark and sinister, because their collections has a deep gothic style and are plagued by the famous skulls.

The first appearance of the skulls in the Spring-Summer 2003 collection at the firm, caused a stir in the fashion world.

Of this, 10 years ago, and that is the anniversary of the skull in the firm, and behind third anniversary of the death of Alexander McQueen , has joined the firm in cooperation with the artist Damien Hirst, to introduce an exclusive collection of 30 handkerchiefs limited , paying tribute to the legendary skull and great designer.

Let us know the latest jewelry, clutches and scarves collection of Damien Hirst …


The skull rings of Alexander McQueen are the most distinctive and daring !!!. All made with the finest materials, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, pearls Premium … pure style, with unique designs.

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls


Variety is the spice … and variety of bracelets is what we found in the new collection of Alexander McQueen , details of thin rings with stones, double back in genuine leather, wide bracelets …

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls


This type of bag or briefcase is pure trend as to incorporate it into your everyday outfit or party, it changes completely, giving it a distinctive look with style. The clutches from Alexander McQueen are a benchmark in the world of fashion.

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

Foulards by Damien Hirsth
Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

Spectacular collection of foulards, the artist Damien Hirsth with signature Alexander Mc Queen, created for all hardcore followers and customers … Butterflies, insects and skulls are the reasons that invade this limited edition, consisting of 30 models of tissues.
Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

A Brief Guide to Tungsten Rings


Tungsten rings have been increasing in popularity in the last few years. Originally tungsten wedding bands were purchased by men who worked in manual jobs such as construction work. These provided a more durable ring which was not as easily worn down and scratched. A Tungsten Carbide could withstand cracking even if there was a severe impact to the finger.

The Classic Tungsten Rings

The carbide Tungsten wedding bands are available in a polished, Florentine, brushed or dual toned finish. They are available in a flat pipe design, dome shaped or with a beveled edge or step down edging.

Carved Tungsten Wedding Bands

This design is relatively new and can offer a carved detailing or a raised finish. The high quality of this style of Tungsten rings will age well over time and should last an entire lifetime.


Inlaid Tungsten Rings

This style of rings feature inlays of redwood, ceramic, carbon fiber or precious metal. The center inlay of the ring is protected by tungsten with a coating of liquid crystal for additional protection. These types of wedding bands create a unique aesthetic which looks fantastic.

Colored Tungsten

This style of ring can provide a unique aesthetic without compromising on quality. The three colors of gold, chocolate and black are laser etched and although they are not as durable as standard tungsten, they can provide a great fashion statement.

Tungsten styles can be purchased from reputable companies which offer a great warranty. In fact, many retailers will now offer warranty or lifetime trade in to ensure that you have long term confidence in your purchase.

If you are interested in Tungsten rings for men or women, you are sure to find a style to suit your personal preferences. You can be assured of great quality and a strong reputation for durability and strength the entire time you are wearing your Tungsten wedding bands.

Celine Luggage Tote Bag

Celine Luggage Tote Bag

Already much has been talked about it, written and sung about it, but you understand it only when it happens to oneself. I speak of love at first sight, a moment where you can forget everything in order to grasp not think straight and only has eyes for one has. In this case, for me, the one who Luggage Bag Celine! Hach, Love could be so beautiful!
Celine Luggage Tote Bag

Celine Luggage – already a classic
Our first encounter in real life was this year in Paris, when I saw her and then even touched it was completely hooked. Many times I had previously looked at and been languishing on the Internet, but in reality it was a lot nicer. The processing, the soft leather let me melt.
Celine Luggage Tote Bag

But enough grated licorice, the Luggage Tote Celine has blossomed in the last few months of the absolute it-bag to bag classic and in record time. But blame is not only the classic exterior of the bag, and the ways to wear them is endless. They are available in different types of leather, which is available in two lengths Henkel and also in the color combinations there are no limits. Who could say no since? The only rakes at the whole thing: the price. From 1.500Euro there is the mini version to buy. Nobody said that love must always be based on reciprocity.

The Cambridge Satchel Bag


The Cambridge Satchel Bag, colorful, colorful – the Cambridge Satchel. Hach, this beautiful retro school bags with us for some time now. As the saying goes? A proper hype there was in the fashion market and everyone wanted to have one of the brightly colored bags.

Fashion such as Grazia and the Maxi kuhrten the bags to the absolute must-have this year and you could see every day new outfits and combinations of known blogs like Hanneli or Fashion Quad.


I have discovered the bags before the huge hype at Asos and was immediately impressed by the things, but it looked absolutely do not have to pay for a brightly colored bag over 100 euros. But after I offered the only German (!) Online Store of these bags was in contact, they decided to send me home a bright red satchel.

Many thanks to the online shop antecedent, because I have the bag now for several months and can not keep the finger.

Today was another bag from online shop antecedent, but this time in neon green. So people know how to combine I wonder just myself, but I’m going to search all blogs and looking for inspiration.

I can Grazia and other fashion
only agree and say that this bag is really a must have for this year. In winter you can combine as a colorful bag nice for simple parka or trench and this summer are bright colors anyway again a hit.

Finding the Perfect Pieces of Fashion Jewellery Online


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, what about other pieces of jewellery? Even if simple jewellery pieces can’t be your best friends, they’re definitely worth having in your jewellery box and can instantly bling up an outfit you wish to pair them with. As far as accessories go, you can’t go wrong with jewellery. However, handmade jewellery is something which has begun to stand out from the rest of the normal pieces of jewellery that you can find.

Their popularity has excelled to the point where you can now find tons of handmade jewellery pieces easily online. As far as fashion jewellery is considered, this type jewellery definitely holds its own and here are a few reasons why you should opt for them:

Pocket Friendly Prices
Jewellery made from hand is not as expensive as other pieces of custom jewellery. Depending on the items and materials used to craft them, these jewellery pieces are extremely pocket friendly and their varying prices can make them available to all sorts of buyers. For people who are on a fixed budget, this is exceedingly useful and handy since they don’t have to pass up on their favourite pieces any more. With so much variety, they can simply choose something which is within their budget and can be purchased more easily.

Custom Pieces for Every Occasion
This type of jewellery can also be custom made to suit your occasion. This service is indeed something which comes in handy when you’re looking to emulate a certain theme and cannot find the perfect accessory to go with your dress. Whether you are looking for the perfect bracelet, ring, earrings or necklaces, and lockets, you can definitely get something which matches your dress and the occasion as well. Even some of the available pieces will definitely compliment and go with your dress, so you might not even need to place a custom order of what you have in mind.

You don’t have to worry about someone else showing up at the party wearing the same jewellery as you. While some people might find it nice or funny, it can be a rather big turnoff. With jewellery made with hand, you never have to worry about that. Since each piece is handmade, there aren’t many replicas of the same thing. Furthermore, even if the design is the same, the colour and the composition will always be different so you can rest assured that the piece you have is one-of-a-kind and all the more unique and beautiful.

Easy Availability
Finally, because of the vast outreach of the internet, tons of digital stores have popped up online. Online stores have made it possible to shop for this type of jewellery easily and conveniently right from your home. With free delivery also something that can be easily availed, you don’t even have to step out of your house to purchase them. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can have your desired fashion jewellery online delivered to you.

ELK is a fashion label that offers original, contemporary designed fashion accessories for both women and men. Their strong designs and commitment to working with small manufacturers around the world ensure an authentic, high quality results each season.

Sonic Screwdriver- The Perfect Replica of Doctor Who Gadget

You might be already aware that the market today is flooded with an array of sonic screwdrivers that are featured in various series of Doctor Who TV show. These devices are very efficient and are designed to let you control most of the devices of entertainment. The Sonic Screwdriver is designed to be compatible with an array of devices such as audio visual equipments used at home such as TVs, blue ray players, Hi-Fi system, set top boxes and DVD players. This device is designed to work with devices using infra red based remote controls. However, it is not compatible with the ones that work on bang, Olufsen and radio frequency based remote controls.

Why sonic screwdrivers are a unique one?

This sonic screwdriver is not designed to replace a remote control fully as it has just 13 gestures reorganization ability and three memory banks.

  • A single code from a conventional remote control can easily programmed to recognize the gestures that are found in one memory banks among the three.
  • It also indicates that the Sonic Screwdrivercan store exactly 39 remote control code and enables you to play back.
  • With so many control codes there is no doubt that this screwdriver can help you function various gadgets without any issues based on their preferences.
  • As this is a device used by a Doctor to fight aliens, you need a bit of practice to operate this screwdriver.
  • You can use it effortlessly like a time lord as soon as you practice with the spoken support offered by the start up guide.
  • With a little bit of practice, you can master the art of making gestures to control the electronic appliances at homes.
  • You need not perform elaborate gestures to initiate the function of this screwdriver as it requires you to make short and precise ones.
  • These simple easy to use gestures have made it easy for people of all ages to use it without any issues.
  • The 10th sonic screwdriver needs no batteries as it has a recharge able power cell of its own.
  • You just need to recharge it using the micro USB cable required for this purpose by attaching it on a 5v port on a computer USB socket or phone charger.
  • It just needs 2 hours of time to recharge it and the sonic screwdriver can be used while it is being charged.

This screwdriver arrives with an affordable price tag and hence caters the budget needs of all.