The Dhoti Saree: The New Craze in the Indian Fashion World

Sarees have been the quintessential traditional attire of Indian women. Sari is said to adulate Indian women like no other attire. Indian women look super sexy if they drape their saris well. The sarees are to be worn in such a way that you tend to expose and camouflage at the very same time. Sarees are said to be evergreen and they never go out of fashion. This timeless silhouette is here to stay. However, today Indian women are stepping out of their homes and experiencing economic emancipation. The ultra-sophisticated elite Indian women are showing the way.

Sarees Reinvented

In recent years there has been a splurge of international designer wear in India along with the launch of some of the more affordable chains such as Forever 21 and Zara, who offer chic western outfits including skinny jeans and miniskirts. Even after the nation was swept over by fashionable western outfits, the iconic sari ruled thanks to the creative fashion designers, who thought of reinventing the sari to make it more popular and user-friendly among the young generation Indian women.

Till some years back sarees could not be thought of as a suitable substitute for an evening gown or a cocktail dress. Wearing a traditional saree was not really a fashion trend for the young and the vivacious women. However, fashion designers today have come up with amazingly fancy drapes and the modern Indian women love them immensely. One such saree in its new avatar is the dhoti-saree. It is meant for the bold, wild, crazy and the vivacious Indian women.

Celebrity Endorsement

Famous Indian designer Anamika Khanna has been coming up with a whole new range of absolutely mind-blowing dhoti-sarees. She has been experimenting with designs and her dhoti sarees are worn and loved by Bollywood celebrities. Her saris are just right for the bold and the gutsy women who are able to confidently pull them off. One such bold and the beautiful fashionista is no other than the glamorous and stunning Sonam Kapoor. She happily endorses dhoti-sarees and goes everywhere wearing them. Sonam Kapoor looks chic and classy in these dramatic sari drapes.

Other famous designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Gaurang, Nikhil Thampi and many other upcoming Indian designers have also, been experimenting with fancy sari drapes. Our ethnic Indian culture has been blooming out to innovative cuts and silhouettes. Novel and diverse sari draping styles are bringing together elegance and royalty to make the ladies look gorgeous and glamorous at parties with the obvious designer touch. You could buy a dhoti saree from a fantastic collection of designer sarees online.

Things to Consider While Wearing a Dhoti Sari

You could wear a pre-stitched designer dhoti-sari or you can drape a saree like a dhoti-saree. Draping a dhoti-saree could be quite challenging especially, for the young girls, who are not used to draping even the normal saree. You could opt for a readymade designer dhoti-sari or get it customized. Here are a few tips to make your dhoti-sari draping a successful exercise.

  • You must choose a soft chiffon or georgette sari in solid colors. The soft and light fabrics are best for draping the sari easily. Avoid heavy embroidery or printed saris. Go for an attractive plain saree with a good border to enhance the entire look.
  • A dhoti-sari should always be complemented with a lovely and trendy blouse. The blouse should draw attention with a fabulous neck pattern or a distinctive back.
  • Consider sporting a chocker as it is a great accessory to team up with a dhoti-sari. They make an absolutely dashing combination.
  • Some girls prefer wearing tights with dhoti pants. It is best to wear either a pair of black-colored tights or one matching perfectly with the border of the sari.
  • If you have a short figure, go ahead and wear your dhoti-sari with some stunning heels for covering up for your lack of height.

The dhoti-saree has all of a sudden, become a style statement or even a fetish in certain cases, especially, in the metros. We are yet to see if the trend has been successful in influencing young girls to give up western wear for fancy saree drapes.

Author Bio: Jyoti Tyagi is an upcoming fashion designer who has been thoroughly impressed by the reinvention of sarees and is excited to see the current craze for the various modern and fancy saree drapes. She recommends for buying exquisite designer and Bollywood sarees online.

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