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Alexander McQueen “King of the Skulls”

Signature Alexander McQueen remains true to his aesthetic and gothic-chic line in its latest collection of accessories

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

We found the most striking additions to the latest collection of Alexander McQueen … rings, bracelets, foulards and of course his beloved clutches.

If you are in the world of fashion a signature criticized and admired at a time, this is Alexander McQueen. Do not leave anyone indifferent, many love their designs and others characterize as dark and sinister, because their collections has a deep gothic style and are plagued by the famous skulls.

The first appearance of the skulls in the Spring-Summer 2003 collection at the firm, caused a stir in the fashion world.

Of this, 10 years ago, and that is the anniversary of the skull in the firm, and behind third anniversary of the death of Alexander McQueen , has joined the firm in cooperation with the artist Damien Hirst, to introduce an exclusive collection of 30 handkerchiefs limited , paying tribute to the legendary skull and great designer.

Let us know the latest jewelry, clutches and scarves collection of Damien Hirst …


The skull rings of Alexander McQueen are the most distinctive and daring !!!. All made with the finest materials, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, pearls Premium … pure style, with unique designs.

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls


Variety is the spice … and variety of bracelets is what we found in the new collection of Alexander McQueen , details of thin rings with stones, double back in genuine leather, wide bracelets …

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls


This type of bag or briefcase is pure trend as to incorporate it into your everyday outfit or party, it changes completely, giving it a distinctive look with style. The clutches from Alexander McQueen are a benchmark in the world of fashion.

Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

Foulards by Damien Hirsth
Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls

Spectacular collection of foulards, the artist Damien Hirsth with signature Alexander Mc Queen, created for all hardcore followers and customers … Butterflies, insects and skulls are the reasons that invade this limited edition, consisting of 30 models of tissues.
Alexander McQueen King of the Skulls