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Spring is just around the corner and brings new jewelry trends

spring_trendsWe have waited long enough. Now it’s finally spring and the first crocuses bloom. At least now it is time to look at what fashion trends times the year 2011 so entails. You will see bright colors are more popular than jeh. With jewelry from Fit4Style it will easily be able to adapt to current trends your outfits and this spice by worked quality silver jewelry.
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Sterling silver bracelet puts a smile on the face of a woman

Sterling-silver-braceletA sterling silver bracelet is so beautiful that it puts a smile on the face of a woman. It is one of the jewels that women prefer because of its accessibility and sophisticated look.

Its unique style blended beautifully with platinum white gold really makes a difference.

For many years, a gold bracelet is preferred not only by women but also by men over other material bracelet. It has been a symbol of wealth, elegance and sophistication. Until recently, sterling silver began to gain popularity worldwide.

There are tips for maintaining a sterling silver bracelet longer. It should be given proper care to maintain its luster. It should be kept away from damp and wet. It should be a closed to minimize passage of air causes oxidation. Also avoid the wooden boxes for storage of these bracelets.
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Three trendy colors – the choice is difficult because


Starts with two new colors in leather strap line in the fall. Pink due to the large demand for the leather strap for ladies in the color LA2913P, this item is now available in turquoise and white. From the Silver Dream Collection bracelets originating from high-quality tanned leather are adorned with a flower or other decorative elements. A push button can be easily closed and opened again.
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