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Jewels of Valencia: solitaire rings, earrings and bracelets


A special collection for the Jewels of Valencia, the fashion house that creates solitaire rings, earrings and bracelets all handcrafted. Precious unique, both for design and for the attention to details and details that distinguishes the company. What makes them special is just the craftsmanship, which gives the opportunity to distinguish every single creation. Thanks to a long experience, the work of three generations in what we might call one of the Italian capitals of the jewel, the company has gained a significant share of the market: Let’s see what are the most beautiful jewels of the house.

The Jewels of Valencia have developed their expertise in creating valuable to bring the general public to understand and appreciate the stones and jewels. The main collections express the relationship of the house with tradition by choosing a design classic, timeless, knows that resists all fashions. The gemstones used for jewelry are certified, choices and work with wisdom, achieving great little jewelry to be worn on all occasions.


Jewels of Valencia opinions
Realizing their own and sell their creations directly, Jewelry Valencia was able to offer a wide range of precious and lower prices compared with other big names. A solution to this that has led many to choose these gems, also with conflicting opinions among fans. What matters, however, is the invoice and the choice of stones and the experience of the fashion house itself is a security.

If the fashion houses have signed their precious collections to be able to wear designer jewelery in line with the style that represents them, Jewelry Valencia prefers to focus on the classic, offering bangles like the models in white gold bearing different text and customize Also under his own name.


Well-known and appreciated are the collections of wedding rings, ring symbol of love and perfect bond at the center of the creations of the greatest haute jewelry. The Italian brand offers various lines from the classic brogues, models comfort in yellow gold, pink and white, to the special models, such as the belief in yellow gold handmade signs that replicates the keystroke to create a gem of inspiration old. There are also models with diamonds in yellow and white gold, or the most important valances, for those looking for a ring of impact.

In addition to the more classic lines, there are also more modern collections, such as hearts, rings and pendants that sparkle with color, grace sapphires and diamonds that cover the heart, a choice between the versions in black, pink and blue, to Depending on the stone used. To discover the collections, you can browse through our gallery and let your opinion about Jewels of Valencia.

Three stylish colors – as spoiled for choice

leather_braceletStarts with two new colors in leather bracelet range in the autumn. Due to the great demand for the leather strap for ladies in the color pink LA2913P, this item is now available in turquoise and white. From the Silver Dream originating collection bracelets made ​​of high quality tanned leather adorned with a flower and other decorative elements. Means of a push button can be easily closed and opened again.
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Add a little sparkle to your style with moissanite fashion rings or bracelets

moissanite-fashion-ringsThis season, glam and glitter is fashionable to the point of being overloaded. Bright, rhinestone jewelry are everywhere, but can smell cheap and exaggeration. So how can shine like the stars without breaking your budget? The answer could be moissanite fashion rings and tennis bracelets.

Moissanite is a mineral, discovered in 1893, which has developed only recently. When cut like a diamond, jewelers have even experienced difficulty telling a moissanite stone of a genuine diamond. Moissanite also features durability that exceeds all other gemstones and diamonds close matches, so you do not have to worry when wearing moissanite fashion rings in everyday situations.

How does the price stack up? Try this example on for size: A diamond tennis bracelet, containing a total carat diamond stones will probably cost around $ 1000. A moissanite tennis bracelet for the same price containing the equivalent of more than four carats. In general, moissanite runs about $ 500 per carat (not including the establishment). That sounds expensive until you consider the fact that diamonds usually exceed $ 1000 per carat of diamonds and they are more rare, the largest stone costs more per carat.
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