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The four of diamonds

four-diamondsWhen choosing a diamond, there are four factors that should influence your purchase: color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

White Diamond color scale ranges from D to a stone color to Z for yellow. colorless diamonds have often been the most desirable stones and, therefore, the most expensive. However, the stones with elegant as yellow or pink colors are even more rare and more costly. Commonly, the time to select a diamond, should choose a black diamond with color between G and J of the best price range.

Diamonds can be cut in a variety of ways. A well cut diamond that reflect light into the eye. A poorly cut diamond will allow to pass the light, thereby reducing the desired brightness and even cause the stone which appear dark. The light look closely at the shape in the stone reflects before making a purchase.
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Opal Essence – Know how evolved

Opal-jewelryOpal jewelry is truly unique. No two stones are equal and have as complex color bursts is often difficult to describe.

Where do they come?

Most of the parts are from the market in Australia. The White Cliffs first mine began operations in late 1800. Other notable Australian mines are Andamooka, Coober Peddy and Lightening Ridge. More recently, the deposits have been discovered in Central and South America, Australia, but remains the largest supplier.

Why is it so sensitive?

These gems are known for their delicate nature. The reason for this is its chemical composition. The stone in (opal ring) is sedimentary. When water passes through silicate filling the tanks of silicates and gems grow from that in the nooks and crannies of the channel of rivers and caves.
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Taking good care of her engagement ring

engagement-ringsHer engagement ring has a value that can not be replaced with another. It may not be the most expensive piece of jewelry you own. But the sentimental value of the part exceeds the financial value. Therefore repairing your wear ring after an accident or simple wear is not an easy task. Care must be taken to ensure adequate compensation for the ring. In general, most engagement rings are delicate creations with intricate details of the band, as well as in the configuration. Each part of the ring is subjected to daily wear in need of repair. This applies to the stone, setting, and the band.
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