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Jewelry designer

designer-jewelleryJust as with brand perfumes, the terrifyingly glamour jewelry design world is one that often avoided. It is a strange world of gold money, style and confidence – none of which I possess in any great quantity. I envy the ability of all these types of fashion sport a fabulous piece of aplomb as jewels, when I feel brave by a simple change of clocks every blue moon.

But with the new year comes another London Fashion Week, and this gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge mediocre of what is fashionable and what not in the land of accessories. One way easy and painless for me to begin is with Tatty Devine, whose colorful website only wakes up a feminine excitement in me. These types were brought to my attention by a friend who, after having noticed my astonishment to your collar name Tatty Devine, I bought my own (with my name instead of yours, obviously) for my birthday. The Union fun of vivid colors and styles of 1950 to a niche of carving small and attractive in the jewelry market, and one that I don’t feel so nervous by embrace.
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Are you wearing fashion or costume jewelry?

fashion JewelryWhat is the difference between costume and fashion jewelry? Is there really a difference or use the words interchangeably? Perhaps a better question is why we use the words interchangeably? To find an answer, we must first go back in time a bit and review the history of jewelry.

Although the use of materials, or specifically gold, to adorn the body easily dates back to Egypt in 3000 BC as evidenced by the findings in the tombs of Tutankhamen as, we need to advance to the 13th century in Medieval Europe and in England when Sumptuary laws were promulgated, to see the beginning of “fake” jewelry. Commoners, or farmers and artisans, were forbidden to use gold, silver, pearls or gemstones. From gemstones and pearls were prized, a market developed for good glass imitations. The Italians, especially the glass making areas of Venice and Murano, began making imitation glass gems and pearls that were of very high quality.
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Onyx engagement rings

Onyx-engagement-ringsWho says an engagement ring had to be set with a diamond? The trend is towards the different and more unique as engagement rings are increasingly being created with colored gemstones. One of the gems that have become increasingly popular is the onyx. Like every woman should have a little black dress in her wardrobe, which has the jewelry that has a black stone is just as crucial. Onyx symbolizes the union, which are committing to when asked his love to marry. For those who have beliefs about the metaphysical properties of certain stones, onyx aids new romances and helps develop communication skills of lovers.

Onyx is actually a form of agate which is composed of microcrystalline quartz. In its natural state, onyx is usually clear bands and is intriguing. Most often dyed black onyx to minimize color variations. Onyx is often found where active volcanism.

Onyx has a hardness only moderate compared with diamonds or other precious stones. Be careful when using onyx jewelry to avoid contrasting temperatures, ultrasonic cleaners and common household cleaners. It is recommended to remove an onyx engagement ring when washing dishes or performing household cleaning.
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Sterling silver bracelet puts a smile on the face of a woman

Sterling-silver-braceletA sterling silver bracelet is so beautiful that it puts a smile on the face of a woman. It is one of the jewels that women prefer because of its accessibility and sophisticated look.

Its unique style blended beautifully with platinum white gold really makes a difference.

For many years, a gold bracelet is preferred not only by women but also by men over other material bracelet. It has been a symbol of wealth, elegance and sophistication. Until recently, sterling silver began to gain popularity worldwide.

There are tips for maintaining a sterling silver bracelet longer. It should be given proper care to maintain its luster. It should be kept away from damp and wet. It should be a closed to minimize passage of air causes oxidation. Also avoid the wooden boxes for storage of these bracelets.
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Design my own engagement ring

engagement-ringHave an idea for a unique jewelry design? If so, this article will help you gain more knowledge on custom jewelry. While the jewelry is made according to buyer specifications, you can call custom jewelry. You might think that this jewelry is more expensive than jewelry made. Sometimes, the charges depend on the quality of the metal and the manufacturing cost. Do you know why people prefer to make jewelry? It is only by his desire to innovative jewelry, which is completely different from what is available in the market.

Also, you can give your opinion of jewelry designs and feel the satisfaction of creating your own jewelry. Many times, you’re looking for something that is impossible to find and end the only way to know is to make your custom jewelry. Wedding rings and engagement rings at some of the most popular jewelry items that people like to have custom handmade. These elements are some of the most important to you and the women always seem to have very special plans for these rings. You can not always ask for stock jewelry for your loved ones to suit their age, selection, orientation etc. Another great reason to go with custom made jewelry is that you can customize the size and preference to the person who will use.
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Three trendy colors – the choice is difficult because


Starts with two new colors in leather strap line in the fall. Pink due to the large demand for the leather strap for ladies in the color LA2913P, this item is now available in turquoise and white. From the Silver Dream Collection bracelets originating from high-quality tanned leather are adorned with a flower or other decorative elements. A push button can be easily closed and opened again.
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