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The Fashion of Diamond Earrings Dreams

There is a saying that if you do not dream you are not living. Every day you encounter scientific, religious, psychological and mythical theories of what the dream world means. For some, it is a projection of the subconscious, for others it is a way that your Supreme Being communicates to you while there are those who believe that dreams are a revelation of what will happen in the near future and yet some dreamers are considered as having an incessantly active imagination.
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Engraving your diamond wedding and engagement ring

diamond-ringsA diamond ring is forever. It is perhaps the most romantic symbol of love for most couples and has actually become an essential in engagements and weddings. Nothing can be more romantic … except of course a diamond ring with an engraving inside.

Engraving your diamond wedding rings is one of the ways that would make your rings special and personalized. Posts to put your spouse in the ring will ensure that your message of love will always be with him or her.

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Most jewelers offer this additional service of engraving wedding and engagement rings. Often this service is only available with standard wedding bands with no stone but some jewelry shops can engrave diamond engagement and wedding rings.
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Brilliant “Agra” Part 5

Agra_taj_mahalOn the third day of the trial evidence was given by Edward Streeter. The defendant told the court the story of a brilliant “Agra” was bought them at Mr. Hirst, noting that it has a deep knowledge in the field of jewelry, on which he wrote the book “The Greatest Diamond World.” Streeter added that at the time of writing, there were an estimated more than 70 diamonds weighing over 30 carats. Especially diamonds were rare pink, blue and green. In this regard, “Agra” was bought them relatively inexpensive – just 15 000 pounds.

On the origin of the diamond Streeter learned from Colonel Bertcha, who once served in the British forces in India. At trial, it was found that the stone to 1665, he was the property of the treasure of the Emperor Aurangzeb, and was formerly occupied by Emperor Babur, a descendant of Tamerlane, the master of Western Tartary and founder of the Mughal Empire. The colonel also said Streeter, the diamond was part of the headdress of another Emperor Akbar and later went on to Nadir Shah. At trial, Streeter said he was not aware of such historical facts, such as the fact that Babur died already in 1530, while Aurangzeb was born only in 1618 (Streeter ignorance of these facts is puzzling, since he himself previously wrote about them in his book “Velichashie diamonds world “, which was published in 1882.)

mughal_emperor_baburStreeter further explained that by selling him a stone Hertz said his weight was slightly reduced after the diamond was transferred to Europe. This fact, the defendant intended to mark a fresh edition of his book about famous diamonds. Streeter said that before buying “Agra” it is about her not listening. Since the stones with similar color and form earlier in Europe has not met, Streeter not without reason that the “Agra” is truly unique.

The fifth day of the hearing was the final – first to briefly address the judge, and then the jury retired to the jury room. Four hours later a verdict – already sold jewelry awarded to the plaintiff, and those which have not yet been issued the contract were the defendant, Streeter – in them was brilliant “Agra”. A year after the trial, Lord Donegal, Streeter told the story of how a pink diamond supposedly Agra was taken from India. Maybe he read the court reports and set out to clarify the situation, especially in those places where Colonel Bertch contradicts himself.

Brilliant “Agra” Part 4

Mr. Finley said that over this time, Mr. Rogers showed plaintiff many jewelry stores defendant, some of whom later became Tasker. In three weeks, the plaintiff bought a jewelry store at 100 500 pounds sterling. Moreover, Rogers demonstrated Tasker brilliant “Agra”, which he said the prosecution, bought for 15,000 pounds. Plus Rogers also showed Tasker mock diamond “Hope”, stating that Streeter soon to buy it from the Court of Chancery of Great Britain, and put up for sale at a price of 32,000 pounds. The plaintiff agreed to buy a stone for that amount, but in the end, the deal fell through. Hearing this, the court invited two experts to assess value of a diamond, “Agra”. Mr. Jones appreciated gem in 8000 pounds, while Mr. Spink corrected him, saying that a diamond worth at least 10,000 pounds. Proposal of Sir Edward Clarke, that it is not worth to bring to the jury hearing and close immediately, the court rejected, then the defender turned directly to the jury by the speeches.
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Brilliant “Agra” Part 3

Agra diamond

A little later, diamond weight was reduced to 31.41 carats (32, 24 metric carats) – was done in order to eliminate the black blotches. In the history of the secret theft of stone from India, even harder to believe, having read a note of a U.S. citizen, who noted that possessed brilliant “Agra” for some time. This man said that to reduce the weight in 1899, the stone weighed all 71 carats. Could the horse swallow stone of this size?

What is known for sure is the fact that in 1891 Edward Streeter bought diamond “Agra” Hearts in Abram, known diamond merchant in Paris, which, in particular, and had decided that the black inclusions in stone. In exchange for the diamond Streeter gave Hearts pearl necklace, worth about 14,000 pounds, and paid another about 1000 pounds in cash.
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Brilliant “Agra” Part 2

Mughal-emperorLater stone which according to historians was kept in Agra, in a strange way it was brought from India, and in 1896 sold the famous jeweler Edwin Streeter. Supposed seller was an English nobleman, the Marquis Donegal. According to Donegal, the stone was stolen by him from the ruler Delhi during the riots in India in 1857. At that time, he served in the British Embassy in India and was well acquainted with the young officer, who was entrusted to guard the jewel.

Several British officers at the time decided not to give into the hands of rebel rock the crowd and take him to England, but once the question was, how to do it. Up to the last moment, no one could propose a plan that would guarantee the success of the event.
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Brilliant “Agra”

AgraAgra was founded by Mughal emperor, ruled that the city for hundreds of years was the capital of the vast kingdom until 1658, when Aurangzeb – the second Mughal emperor – moved his residence in New Delhi. It was here that the founder of the dynasty of Akbar was the famous letter from Queen Elizabeth I, later allowed his successor, Dzhagangiru adopt a charter in 1612, which guaranteed the British East India Company freedom of trade in the empire.

The history of the diamond, “Agra” has its origins in 1526, when Babur (1483 – 1530 gg.) – The first Mughal emperor, defeated the Raja Gvalura captured Acre. Babur the real name which Zahir-ud-din Muhammad – son of Omar Sheika Mirza, King of Ferghana (modern Turkmenistan). Taken them a name Babur means “tiger”. He was not only literate and educated ruler, but also a talented commander, allowing him to become the sole ruler of a vast empire. After a series of successful achievements, Babur sent his son and successor, Humayayna capture the city Agra, with which he successfully managed – he killed Raju and captured all the members of his family.
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Engagement rings are seeking more in February

engagement-ringsFebruary is the month for sellers of gold flowers, chocolates … and diamonds, according to spokesmen jewelers Cavallini Derico Müller 1900, this month and December are the only ones that have spikes in sales of these jewels, which for the rest of the year are sold steadily.

The diamond stone remains the favorite to represent the commitment, and customers prefer them solo, with brilliant style cut (rounded contour) and mounted in 14 karat white gold. From there, all combinations are possible.

According Gilberth Cavallini, jewelry D. Cavallini in Multiplaza del Este, the most wanted sizes are 20 to 50 points.”However, customers also seek one-carat diamonds, which are more colorful and expensive,” he explains.
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Buy pendant diamond online

pendant-diamondWhen it comes to hanging diamond variety is almost unlimited. There is a wide range of options based on cost, quality, shape, Carat (or weight), cut, and gold or silver used for the string type. diamond pendants can be very affordable, but it can also be very costly depending on the quality and size of the stones.

There are many advantages to buying a diamond pendant in line, not least of which is its ability to take time of their own choosing. With Online jewelers that don’t need to hurry to make a decision, and you don’t have the pressure of a street shop sales. You can also compare easily different pendants and save web sites that return later. Some Jewelers online also have chat online so that you can ask your questions online and get immediate answers from the comfort of your home.
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How to buy a diamond

buying-diamondHow to buy a diamond is the first question that you should ask yourself if you are in the market for a diamond ring. If you are a consumer without education in the field of diamonds then you should know that diamonds should never be purchased as a game of chance. You bet, loses. The best approach here, if you want to take the gamble out of the equation, would be to familiarize yourself with the diamond in particular that it is about to buy.

The important question is whether the average consumer may exercise the precise sentence the same as a qualified professional, who based his view on the scientific training and practical experience. The average consumer can learn how to evaluate the stone “total personality” and their critical factors such as weight, brightness, cut, clarity and color. These helps you, the consumer, learn how to balance different factors for judging the value of the diamond. Learn all the facts about diamonds as possible, and spend time in the market of listen and ask questions before you decide to buy will prepare you to be a smart client that would be more likely to get what you want at a fair price.
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