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Real Diamonds

Four Little Known Ways to Identify Fake or Real Diamonds

It is a fascinating mystery whether your diamond is real or not. Most diamond sellers try to bedazzle diamond buyers by showing fake proof that their diamond is real. Many people take their diamonds to a reliable retailer for an assessment. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to test a diamond to see whether it is real or fake. See the following four wonderful methods to try to verify your diamond is real.
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Finding the Perfect Pieces of Fashion Jewellery Online


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, what about other pieces of jewellery? Even if simple jewellery pieces can’t be your best friends, they’re definitely worth having in your jewellery box and can instantly bling up an outfit you wish to pair them with. As far as accessories go, you can’t go wrong with jewellery. However, handmade jewellery is something which has begun to stand out from the rest of the normal pieces of jewellery that you can find.

Their popularity has excelled to the point where you can now find tons of handmade jewellery pieces easily online. As far as fashion jewellery is considered, this type jewellery definitely holds its own and here are a few reasons why you should opt for them:

Pocket Friendly Prices
Jewellery made from hand is not as expensive as other pieces of custom jewellery. Depending on the items and materials used to craft them, these jewellery pieces are extremely pocket friendly and their varying prices can make them available to all sorts of buyers. For people who are on a fixed budget, this is exceedingly useful and handy since they don’t have to pass up on their favourite pieces any more. With so much variety, they can simply choose something which is within their budget and can be purchased more easily.

Custom Pieces for Every Occasion
This type of jewellery can also be custom made to suit your occasion. This service is indeed something which comes in handy when you’re looking to emulate a certain theme and cannot find the perfect accessory to go with your dress. Whether you are looking for the perfect bracelet, ring, earrings or necklaces, and lockets, you can definitely get something which matches your dress and the occasion as well. Even some of the available pieces will definitely compliment and go with your dress, so you might not even need to place a custom order of what you have in mind.

You don’t have to worry about someone else showing up at the party wearing the same jewellery as you. While some people might find it nice or funny, it can be a rather big turnoff. With jewellery made with hand, you never have to worry about that. Since each piece is handmade, there aren’t many replicas of the same thing. Furthermore, even if the design is the same, the colour and the composition will always be different so you can rest assured that the piece you have is one-of-a-kind and all the more unique and beautiful.

Easy Availability
Finally, because of the vast outreach of the internet, tons of digital stores have popped up online. Online stores have made it possible to shop for this type of jewellery easily and conveniently right from your home. With free delivery also something that can be easily availed, you don’t even have to step out of your house to purchase them. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can have your desired fashion jewellery online delivered to you.

ELK is a fashion label that offers original, contemporary designed fashion accessories for both women and men. Their strong designs and commitment to working with small manufacturers around the world ensure an authentic, high quality results each season.

Lili Diamonds – Providing unbeatable qualities and dedicated traditional designs


Diamond is the precious stone in which the people are having much interest. There are some traditional designs liked by the people while opting for diamonds. You can get the fantabulous collections of traditionally designed diamonds in this auspicious place of Lili diamonds. Creative diamonds are very rare and here the users are being provided with the entirely creative and unique which the user can’t even imagine. The experts of these leading diamond providers are designing the diamonds in a way where the user can get the best outfit. Layouts are very important while manufacturing diamonds; here these layouts and the creative designs are made by the highly experienced people who are dedicated to their profession. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Buy a Ring with Pearls

pearl_ringPearls are the most delicate of all gems. It can organically complement any image that has chosen a woman. Therefore, the perfect ring with pearls would be the best upgrade option boxes for the ladies of any age. This precious mineral is equally well set off the youth of the young girl and refreshes the look of old age ladies. There are several reasons why every self-respecting woman should buy a ring with pearls.

First, to wear such jewelry can only be a woman with an extremely refined taste. It always looks stylish and elegant. This ring will please his mistress for many years, because it is certainly not out of fashion. Pearls are to some extent is an excellent alternative to diamonds. If the purchase of a diamond in a shot on a budget, then buys jewelry made of pearls can afford every woman.
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Fashion earring studs. TOP-44 of earrings in the photo

Earring studs / earrings pusety / stud earrings are incredibly popular in recent years. This versatile earrings that are perfect for the evening as well as on every day. And choose from many fashionable options we will help you. We gathered in one place all the fancy carnations from leading designers and jewelry brands. Maximum small faint cloves or large? Gold or silver studs? With precious stones or without him?
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Brilliant “Agra” Part 6

tajmahal-riverIn 1904, Streeter, retired, and the diamond passed to his successors, the Parisian jeweler La Cloche Freres, which acquired the shop and some of the items sold there. Most of the relatively cheap jewelry was bought by Debenham & Freebody. The remaining products, including the most valuable, were sent for sale in the auction house Christie in London. Bidding took place February 22, 1905. “Agra”, apparently became a key lot, was sold last. The booklets then Stone described as “magnificent pink diamond of the highest quality, weighing 31 and 12/32 carat” No name for the stone was fixed, but it is obvious that the last slot at these auctions was just brilliant “Agra”. British newspaper The Times wrote at the time that the auction attracted public opinion and was attended by even a few collectors from India. Starting price of the stone, is 1000 guineas, the bidding process has been raised to 5,100 guineas. Stone became the new owner of one Mr. Maz Myers, owner of the estate Hatton Garden.
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Diamond necklaces – Real or the simulant

Diamond-necklacesDiamond is the hardest metal known in the world. It is also one of two known forms of carbon useful for industrial applications and jewelry. The shape of other mineral of pure carbon that is known as graphite. The diamonds have impressive physical qualities. They are so strong that only another diamond can be cut.

Difference between a real diamond and fake diamond

With the increase in demand for diamonds, some collars can be made from real diamonds or synthetic diamonds. A synthetic diamond is a real diamond in all respects and it is created by a technological process, while a stimulant of the diamond is a material created no-diamante to simulate the appearance of a real diamond. This process has helped meet the demand for diamonds necklaces. The producers of synthetic diamonds have begun to manufacture better quality diamonds that has begun to penetrate the market of diamond necklaces and industry in general. synthetic diamonds have been on the market for nearly fifty years.
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The four of diamonds

four-diamondsWhen choosing a diamond, there are four factors that should influence your purchase: color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

White Diamond color scale ranges from D to a stone color to Z for yellow. colorless diamonds have often been the most desirable stones and, therefore, the most expensive. However, the stones with elegant as yellow or pink colors are even more rare and more costly. Commonly, the time to select a diamond, should choose a black diamond with color between G and J of the best price range.

Diamonds can be cut in a variety of ways. A well cut diamond that reflect light into the eye. A poorly cut diamond will allow to pass the light, thereby reducing the desired brightness and even cause the stone which appear dark. The light look closely at the shape in the stone reflects before making a purchase.
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Diamonds – a girl’s best friend

diamond-jeweleryA girl can have many friends, but his best friend is always diamond that has. No one can argue about this because there is nothing more exquisite than a diamond that can attract a girl. Diamond bracelets, pendants and necklaces or rings are the desire of every girl. Men Woo their ladies, with a diamond ring. Many women who work use ceiling Diamond Solitaire to work. A diamond can be used as both, a traditional piece of jewelry or a modern.

Apart from the diamonds that are other precious stones, so used in jewelry such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and many more. Gemstones are well used as jewelry or their innate powers. Esmeraldas is said to have the power to improve the view, while the yellow stones are used to treat jaundice and the reds are supposed to improve blood flow. Whatever the purpose, the gemstones in jewelry classic look!
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What are blood diamonds?

blood-diamondsConflict diamonds are rough diamonds that are marketed or sold by rebel movements. The benefits of these diamonds are used to finance conflict aimed to destabilize legitimate Governments.

Diamonds of war or the blood, as it is sometimes called, usually are extracted through illegal practices of employment. These practices include the illicit use of underage workers, often children and children of sixteen years and under conditions usually low quality.

You’ve probably heard that the majority of diamonds come from Africa. This is due to that in Angola and Sierra Leone, conflict diamonds continue funding rebel groups. Based on this information, the United Nations has put sanctions on Angola and Sierra Leone conflict diamonds.
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