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The Fashion of Diamond Earrings Dreams

There is a saying that if you do not dream you are not living. Every day you encounter scientific, religious, psychological and mythical theories of what the dream world means. For some, it is a projection of the subconscious, for others it is a way that your Supreme Being communicates to you while there are those who believe that dreams are a revelation of what will happen in the near future and yet some dreamers are considered as having an incessantly active imagination.
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Jewels of Valencia: solitaire rings, earrings and bracelets


A special collection for the Jewels of Valencia, the fashion house that creates solitaire rings, earrings and bracelets all handcrafted. Precious unique, both for design and for the attention to details and details that distinguishes the company. What makes them special is just the craftsmanship, which gives the opportunity to distinguish every single creation. Thanks to a long experience, the work of three generations in what we might call one of the Italian capitals of the jewel, the company has gained a significant share of the market: Let’s see what are the most beautiful jewels of the house.

The Jewels of Valencia have developed their expertise in creating valuable to bring the general public to understand and appreciate the stones and jewels. The main collections express the relationship of the house with tradition by choosing a design classic, timeless, knows that resists all fashions. The gemstones used for jewelry are certified, choices and work with wisdom, achieving great little jewelry to be worn on all occasions.


Jewels of Valencia opinions
Realizing their own and sell their creations directly, Jewelry Valencia was able to offer a wide range of precious and lower prices compared with other big names. A solution to this that has led many to choose these gems, also with conflicting opinions among fans. What matters, however, is the invoice and the choice of stones and the experience of the fashion house itself is a security.

If the fashion houses have signed their precious collections to be able to wear designer jewelery in line with the style that represents them, Jewelry Valencia prefers to focus on the classic, offering bangles like the models in white gold bearing different text and customize Also under his own name.


Well-known and appreciated are the collections of wedding rings, ring symbol of love and perfect bond at the center of the creations of the greatest haute jewelry. The Italian brand offers various lines from the classic brogues, models comfort in yellow gold, pink and white, to the special models, such as the belief in yellow gold handmade signs that replicates the keystroke to create a gem of inspiration old. There are also models with diamonds in yellow and white gold, or the most important valances, for those looking for a ring of impact.

In addition to the more classic lines, there are also more modern collections, such as hearts, rings and pendants that sparkle with color, grace sapphires and diamonds that cover the heart, a choice between the versions in black, pink and blue, to Depending on the stone used. To discover the collections, you can browse through our gallery and let your opinion about Jewels of Valencia.

Fashion Trend 2013: multi-color earrings

One of the most recent fashion trends – earrings that combine several bright colors . These earrings are perfect for a cocktail or a party. In our photo collection you will find the fashionable multi-color earrings.


Earrings in the photo: 1. diva, 2. Mango, 3. A Riot, 4. Blu Bijoux, 5. Oscar de la Renta, 6. Ben-Amun, 7. Erickson Beamon, 8. Tom Binns, 9. Lizzie Fortunato, 10. Carolee, 11. Marie-Hélène de Taillac 12. Dior.

Black Pearl Earrings

Black_Pearl_EarringsBlack pearl earrings are made with Tahitian pearls are naturally black real pearls. These rare and exotic pearls are native to the islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia. Black pearls are rare and precious, and are highly sought after jewelry. They are expensive, incredibly beautiful and is considered a symbol of sophistication and class.

A black pearl is the result of a discharge inside a black-lipped pearl oyster. Thick layers are composed of beads consisting of calcium carbonate and other organic substances. They come in a variety of shapes and colors ranging from black to a silvery gray. Often, the shades of blue or green are visible, giving stunning black pearl a new dimension. Is it any wonder that the black pearl earrings jewelry are considered as a princess.
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New glittering jewelry – as earrings, pendants

New_glittering_jewelrySparkling Glitter jewelry now enriches our range. They are in search of a new trend in jewelry or for a Christmas present breathtaking. Then you will find it here. Very fresh arrived in time for the celebration of love, our new glitter jewelry earrings, pendants and Glitter Beads are staffed by bright Swarovski crystal. This collection spices up any outfit and they islets guaranteed eye catcher.
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Caring for Silver Earrings Chandelier

Earrings-ChandelierChandelier earrings are the hottest accessory this year and are here to stay. chandelier earrings are popular among celebrities today, as it helps them to draw attention to themselves on the red carpet or they can make an awesome team. Common chandelier earrings are made of sterling silver because silver is a very easy to use and give different forms.

Most people do not know that sterling silver is also very delicate material that must be taken care of regularly. Due to its chemical silver tarnishes over time. The tarnishing process also can be accelerated by perspiration of humans and contact with other elements. Sterling silver earrings and jewelry must be cared for and cleaned regularly. Some cleaning chemicals can be too hard on sterling silver jewelry. Here are some tips on how to clean your sterling silver earrings and jewelry with everyday products that can do the job without damaging your sterling silver jewelry.
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Various designs of pearl earrings

pearl-earringsPearl earrings are of various types and designs. Listed below are some of the most important design varieties of pearl earrings that are available in the market these days. The best and the oldest outstanding designs all are obviously ear studs. ear studs are not hanging from the earlobes. This particular variety of earrings is even more popular when incorporated with pearls. This design is actually the cheapest of them all, because the varieties of pearls incorporated in this design are normally artificial pearls, which are relatively cheaper than other natural pearls.

The type of study of the slope can be cheap. But you can use in any occasion. For example, you can use it at home during free time or can be used on any special occasion. The charm of this design is the same. Moreover, there is no tension in the earlobes, even if it takes time. This is obviously the biggest advantage with pearl earrings. So if you consider price and convenience factors then earrings must be your best choice.
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Earrings: Jewelry from the best circles

Earrings in rose gold with Scripture

They love earrings? Then you remember now long suspension or romantic little plug.

This summer Hoops are hot! The large, originally by slaves and gypsies carried rings advanced for the first time in the 18th Century by Marie Antoinette to the fad: the French queen was known for her penchant for fine jewelry, and wore earrings to elegant blouses dresses after the round earrings were spurned two centuries.
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