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H. Stern: Brazilian luxury jeweler

H. Stern: Brazilian luxury jeweler
A German emigrant, who founded a jewelry company in Brazil, and thus laid the foundation for one of the biggest jewelry brands in the world put: Hans Stern. Today, the name of German craftsmanship and Brazilian creativity is. The now deceased jeweler of success was not in the cradle, however.

In Essen, the Jewish-born Hans Stern came in October 1922 to be born blind. Only an operation gave him his eyesight. During the Kristallnacht in 1938 his father’s electrical business was set on fire and destroyed, the family barely escaped. A visa-saving allowed the family to emigrate to South America.

Hans Stern was 17 years old. His new home fascinated him. Although he did not speak of the Portuguese, he quickly got a job at the gem dealers “Christab” and learned all about the valuable minerals.

An accordion as seed money

For $ 200 sold Star 1945 his accordion. The start-up capital for his company that he simply “H. Star “called. He traveled throughout Brazil, with the train and on horseback, and visited the mines. Especially the colored jewels as tourmalines (green) – his favorite stones – or amethyst (purple) had it done to him. Across the country star bought from face workers gems and sold them at a profit to jewelers in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Kurt’s father designed the first company logo – on a paper napkin.

On the cutting edge: H. Stern

Star began to manufacture their own pieces, came so with the locals first to disinterest. Thus he focused increasingly on tourists as a target group, offered his collections to the typical holiday routes in Brazil. His jewelry should be portable and affordable. He was on the cutting edge.

The trend did not go to men who rigged their wives with treasures. In times of emancipation, the ladies bought their jewels themselves.
Hans Stern: A modest “King of colorful jewels”

Strategically built its brand on Stern. Catherine Deneuve became the flagship of the brand, today it is among other things, Kate Moss. On the prominent Halsern and hands on the red carpet of Hollywood sparkle even today the pieces of H. Stern. Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie and Liv Taylor – to name just a few – are adorned with the Stern jewels. This beautiful jewelry and makeup make you beautiful for the party and occasion.

H. Stern Brazilian luxury jeweler
They called him the “King of colorful jewels.” Hans star itself, however, was always by modesty on, drove his life German small cars and adorned herself with jewels hardly. Discretion and discipline – until at last he stood every morning at 8:30 clock on the spot – that was his secret. “As long as a man mentally and physically feels good, it should work,” quoted The world famous jeweler.

H. Stern: A family empire

For the 50th anniversary in 1995, the Patriarch, his eldest son, Roberto decided to make a place in the top-free. The began with a realignment of the company, put more in the formal language of design and less on colorful stones and opened gradually to the splendor of this world miles modern shops – in Cannes, Dubai and Frankfurt Airport.

Despite more than 3,000 employees and offices in 27 countries by now you still regards itself as a family. Those who prove themselves, is encouraged. Good work leads to success – just as Hans Stern once brought it to success.

Hollywood jeweler Martin Katz


For over twenty years a fixture in the Haute jewelry of Hollywood: Martin Katz. Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez – all wearing his jewelry and not without reason. Martin Katz recognizes the trends before they occur.

A man with rimless glasses and a receding forehead. Inconspicuous he seems at first glance. But Martin Katz understands the jewelry industry and its developments and so buy principally those well-heeled ladies with him, which would belong to the trendsetters when it comes to jewels.

Here, the jeweler learned a completely different profession: He is a graduate Pyschologe, but was financed his living by selling silver jewelry to his fellow students. Perhaps his psychology degree is the reason why he understands what the women – at least in terms of jewelry – want.

Hollywood flagship store of Martin Katz

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills Martin Katz has its flagship store. Notably interpreted the jeweler his designs on the essence of nature. “The natural world has always been a source of inspiration for me,” Katz told in an interview. He had an appreciation for the artistic creation of nature. The Adaptiere it for his own treasures.


Yet his treasures seem often to historically.

Media presenter jewelry

The Hollywood ladies know the sometimes irrational beauty of Katz’s designs appreciate. Prior to an appearance on the red carpet often visit great actresses such as Sharon Stone, Kate Winslet and Sandra Bullock the boutique by Martin Katz. Very unselfish such loans are not natural. Just as fashion designers also hope creators of Haute Joaillerie on a strong media presence.

About too little media coverage, Martin Katz cannot complain. Ever since he’s famous in the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra created, he was also beyond the borders of Los Angeles known.


Martin Katz also appeals to younger customers

Also classically restrained pieces away from the red carpet keeps Martin Katz ready. Simple engagement rings are also part of his specialty, such as splendid jewels. Again, the jeweler goes with the trend. More and more customers want while wearing expensive jewelry, but do not flaunt it. Thus, Martin Katz speaks according to its own statement on especially younger jewelry lovers.

The trend is towards valuable, but for everyday use, thoroughly Office affine jewelry. Katz advises his customers happy self. It estimates the personal contact he says. Still, because of its popularity, there are probably especially prominent customers who mainly devotes his personal attention to the equally prominent jeweler.