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If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

Swarovski presents its new collection of jewelry and impeccable Fall Winter 2013/4

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

If you’re addicted to accessories and jewelry you lose … sure the new collection of Swarovski, it will make you fall in love with any of his pieces.

Meet the new collection of Swarovski with great detail …

To know about Swarovski ..

The big signing of luxury goods manufactured in cut glass, was founded in 1895 in Austria by Daniel Swarovski.

Swarovski forever changed the glass industry, producing annually 20 billion glass stones for various purposes, sculptures, optical instruments, decoration, and especially for high fashion and jewelry, making it one of the most prestigious and powerful companies in the world.

Fun Fact
Did you know that Swarovski has its own theme park in the glass, “Swarovski Crystal World” in Austria?

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

Famous and Swarovski
If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

A look at celebrities who attend the Oscars, in many of his couture dresses and jewelry, we can see the stamp of Swarovski.

For the singer Madonna, he made for his tour “Confessions Tour”, a disco ball worth a whopping $ 2 million dollars, as he created some of his wardrobe in several of their tours around the world. And for the last scheduled tour of Michael Jackson, signature Swarovski encrusted costumes were designed with nothing more and nothing less than 300,000 Swarovski crystals.

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

New Swarovski jewelry collection Fall-Winter 2013

In black …

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

In black with clear crystals, ideal to wear at night, with light colors look where your jewels focus all attention.

In black and gold …

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

The black-gold combination is superb … we continue this season with much gold a booming trend.

Classics in transparent glass

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

The usual, in clear glass, valid for any look.

Always elegant gold-rose

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

Last season we saw … and the key gold-pink , was a success, and this campaign is still going strong.

Purple … to be the latter one

If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

One of the trendy colors is purple or aubergine tones … very flattering, combines perfectly with ocher, beige, cream, and emerald green for a groundbreaking style …
If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

What will perish these new Swarovski bracelets?
If you like Swarovski, you will love your new jewelry collection

Brilliant designs, decorated with various colors of degraded glass, and close buttons with transparent glass.

These bracelets are wrapped around your wrist getting a fresh and modern style. Price 59.00 €

New Pandora Jewelry Valentine

New Pandora Jewelry Valentine

As usual and demonstrating the main feature of the signature Pandora, which is their strong emotional moment for everyone and, Pandora now has its new collection of jewelry special valentine , charms, earrings, rings … a collection full very romantic that falls to anyone.

Meet the new jewels of love with Pandora …

If you already have or have a Pandora bracelet, what better gift than a new charm of love for Valentine !!
Comfort and gives you Pandora when choosing a gift for an important date, is appreciated … Pandora always has a special charm and staff for each /, offering the possibility to be able to carry with us the memory some special time in our lives (marriage, travel, pet …)

For this occasion, Pandora brings charms and jewelry heart shaped or details of hearts in bright pink and white zircons elegant, ideal for such an emotional day such as Valentine’s Day.

New Pandora Jewelry Valentine1

Hanging Charms
These are the new pendants charms Pandora signature, all with the celebration of “Valentine’s Day”; precious hearts with zircons, cupid charm in silver and gold accents, cubic zirconia pendant with love in pink.

The new Pandora charms, will be great on your wrist, giving it a romantic touch with its heart-shaped pieces, or details of hearts in pink zirconia.

Pandora has also brought new models of earrings and rings to complete this significant collection …
Pieces in heart shape with zircon, stone … and many more models.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Jewelry Fashion Styles for You

Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling Silver Jewelry

Each year, about fashion runways via Nyc for you to London, Milan, as well as Toyko, sterling silver will be “new again” because developers understand it in new and exciting ways. What makes sterling silver a fashion definite? The solution is apparent: with regards to attractiveness, versatility, durability, along with affordability, sterling silver jewelry can be unsurpassed.

At the disposal of talented performers and makers, sterling silver is continually “reinvented” to match the growing preferences in the females who put it on. Nevertheless no matter whether like a ring, a new necklace around your neck, or even bracelets, standing up by yourself as well as introduced along with jewels as well as other precious metals…sterling silver is always throughout fashion.

Is really examined what exactly is “hot” this year:

Serenity associated with Silver

Throughout ’04, numerous Oscar speakers along with recipients used subtly and simply designed “Dove of Peacefulness.Inches flag. Embraced through this sort of Showmanship luminaries because Meryl Streep, Ann Sarandon, Came Barrymore, and Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s got recently been noticed on the Dali Lama along with Nobel Tranquility Laureates Oscar Aria Sanchez, Gloria Williams, Mairead Corrigan Maguire, as well as previous United nations Helper Secretary-General Gillian Sorrensom.

Today non-celebrities may possibly buy the pin inside sterling silver pin to indicate both his or her resolve for peacefulness in addition to their fashion impression. The particular August 2005 sterling silver decryption was created simply by award-winning U . s . jewelry musician Holly Dunay for you to speak out loud the force associated with Picasso’s “Dove Of Peacefulness.Inch

Silver Display

Using the tremendous rise in popularity of your “Lord of the Rings” series, it comes since no surprise that developers are coming up with jewelry using the elaborately created bits within the motion pictures. Depending on the genuine necklace worn inside the Master from the Rings film, the particular Arwen Evenstar Ring is actually constructed inside sterling silver and also comes in a wood reward package. Measuring 2-1/2 ins in size using a 18″ sterling silver chain as well as a Swarovski crystal rock, every piece comes with certificates regarding authenticity, adding long-term price to the various other expensive jewelry.

Works Like no bodies business

Charm wristbands tend to be wonderfully vintage and intensely cutting edge. Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Levigne, Hilary Duff, as well as other high-visibility high-fashion celebrities are usually wrapping his or her wrists throughout silver wristbands together with the hip M.The. model “Eldorado Club.Inches

The particular “Girlie Allure Bracelet” is decorated along with wonderful femme-friendly necklaces such as a kitty, any cocktail cup, and a kitty.

Sterling Silver * Always In Type on your Twenty fifth House warming
Whatever checklist a person check with — traditional, modern or the right now common “ultra-modern” (including such things as wall clocks and appliances) — silver is the Twenty-first century present of choice for any 25th wedding anniversary. Whether it is silver’s sturdiness, it’s durability, the overall flexibility as well as its unrivaled attractiveness, sterling silver is definitely an exquisite memento involving 25 years of caring dedication from a several.

At the top of this list on this springs “What’s Hot” inside silver wedding anniversary gifts, women say they need allure necklaces, hoop ear-rings, and also locks ornaments. Pertaining to wives who want to existing their husbands with sterling silver giveaways, the actual “top from the charts” choices are engraved cufflinks, tie clips, funds videos, neck of the guitar stores, i.Deb. necklaces.

Jewelry by Bulgari – Italian lifestyle


For over a century, Bulgari connects the name with lavish jewels. The company is a high, italian jewelery. The roots of the luxury brand, however, lie in Greece.

The company’s history begins with the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari. He opened a shop in 1884 in Rome and so laid the foundation of today’s international brand Bulgari. Buckles, bracelets and buttons, silver belt, silverware and antiques he sold first. A few years later, in the early 20th century, Sotirio Bulgari opened its jewelery boutique in the famous Via Condotti. It is still the flagship store of the company.

The sons Giorgio and Constantino Bulgari designed the store with lots of pink and beige marble and attracted by the noble Open up a cash strong clientele. At this time, the family established the famous logo of the brand with the original “V” – “BVLGARI”. To date, the logo is a guarantee of Italian luxury.

Jewelry by Bulgari - Italian lifestyle 1

Opulence, color and volume

As great style icons such as Sophia Loren , Audrey Hepburn , and especially Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s and 1960s, at the time of the economic miracle of the postwar period, their preference for Bulgari jewelry discovered, the company became world famous. The brand became a favorite of the jet set. Inspired by Greek and Roman art have the typical golden, occupied with big colorful gemstones necklaces and bracelets from Bulgari own formal language.

Opulence, color and volume – these are the three main features of the Bulgari style. Since the 1970s, fine watches of the Italian tradition of the house were added.

Jewelry by Bulgari - Italian lifestyle 2

The collections of Bulgari

Each year, new collections are added. Not only jewelry and timepieces launched under the name Bulgari. Eyewear collections, scarves and leather products steadily expanded the range of the Italian company. The mid-1990s resulted in the product range fragrant growth: The first women’s fragrance “Cologne au the vert” followed a year later the perfume “Bulgari pour Femme”. The Italian luxury jeweler is now established in the fragrance industry, just as in the jewelry business.

Fusion of the Bulgari company with LVMH Group

In March 2011, takes over Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SA (LVMH) Bulgari. Sale price: a whopping 4.3 billion euros – have never had paid so much money for a takeover target of French luxury group. The Bulgari family was selling on the entire shareholdings of 50.4 percent and received three percent of LVMH shares. Thus, they are the second largest family shareholder of the Group after the Arnault.

This year the company Bulgari celebrates 130-year anniversary. There are now 236 boutiques around the world, so the world over a sparkling piece of Italian (and some Greek) culture of life is worn.

Maison Cartier in “Grace of Monaco”

Maison Cartier in Grace of Monaco

Nicole Kidman plays Grace Kelly in the movie “Grace of Monaco”. The sparkling jewels that she wears in the film, mainly come from the Maison Cartier.

The film “Grace of Monaco” on the style icon and popular princess Grace Kelly has opened the film festival in Cannes on May 14. Lead roles, the American actress Nicole Kidman – and the Maison Cartier. Because the jewelry brand plays an important part in the film.

About forty creations from the various collections of the Maison Cartier, the French luxury brand gave the production team director Olivier Dahan around for the biopic “Grace of Monaco”, including not only jewelry, but also watches. The Special: Five creations of Maison owned by the style icon Grace Kelly were specially faithfully reproduced in agreement with the Principality of Monaco for the film of Cartier. Above all, the famous 10.4 carat engagement ring of Grace Kelly – the shining center of the film.

Reproduction of the legendary engagement ring of Grace Kelly

For her engagement to Prince Rainier III. Monaco in January 1956 glared at the finger of Grace Kelly a diamond in emerald cut, they no longer took off. This went so far that she insisted on wearing the ring on her last screen appearance in the movie “High Society” by Charles Walters. The creation came from the Cartier.

In addition to the legendary ring, Cartier made even more iconic pieces of jewelry, modeled on the original treasures from the estate of Grace Kelly. Including a diamond tiara with rubies, diamonds a Poodle brooch and a diamond chain.

Maison Cartier in Grace of Monaco 2

Jewelry features of “Grace of Monaco”

Not only Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth as Prince Rainier and other actors of the film were equipped with jewels from the French tradition house. So sparkle on the neck and wrist of Paz Vega as Maria Callas magnificent gems from diamonds and onyx, while Tim Roth with classic cufflinks and the tank from Cartier was fitted.

Key scene in front Cartier boutique

A key scene in Olivier Dahan’s film “Grace of Monaco” was also rotated 13 boutique on the Rue de la Paix in Paris in front of the cast iron gates of Cartier. Here told the actress and style icon that they are officially Prince Rainier III. would devote.

Maison Cartier in Grace of Monaco 1

Grace Kelly and Cannes

The Film Festival of Cannes was the favorite festival of the actress and style icon Grace Kelly. Here she also met her future husband know. How fitting that the film “Grace of Monaco” will celebrate as the opening film at the 67th Film Festival world premiere.

Actress Nicole Kidman will probably run on the red carpet. It would not be surprising if sparkle on her neck and wrists treasures from the Maison Cartier.

The best jewelry brands in the world


There are those brands that are responsible for the sparkling gems of Hollywood celebrities and those names that probably put every lady in ecstasy: We present ten international and prominent jewelry brands and jewelers.


High Italian jeweler’s art: Bulgari. The roots of the jewelry brand, however, are in Greece. In 1884 the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari opened a shop in Rome. A few years later, in the early 20th century, Sotirio Bulgari opened its jewelery boutique in the famous Via Condotti. It is still the flagship store of the company.


As great style icons such as Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn , and especially Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s and 1960s discovered their preference for Bulgari jewelry, the company became world famous. The brand became a favorite of the jet set. There are now 236 boutiques worldwide.

Jewelry as a Christmas gift – Ideas and suggestions

Jewelry as a Christmas gift - Ideas and suggestions

Seamless Christmas time, the thinking starts for the ideal Christmas presents. Frequently is a look at jewelry pieces that are suitable at least for the partner or very cherished friends. Only that jewelry is very popular at Christmas and makes sense?

Take into account the relationship

Jewelry is particularly suitable as a gift for people who are close to the giver much. The partner, parents or very close friends come for jewelry gifts always questioned. In a partnership, the choice is very easy. After all, can Schenk end here with an attractive piece of equal or give a message with. In partnership sector, rings, bracelets and chains offer excellent. Decorative and of high-quality ring, perhaps even provided with a loving engraving, simply speaks volumes – even if he is not directly used as an engagement ring.

Nevertheless, he is a sign of solidarity dar. Equally attractive are necklaces that are worn by men and women alike. In order to give the chain a larger expression, a beautiful pendant offers, which in turn can be provided with a message.

Jewelry as a Christmas gift - Ideas and suggestions1

Jewelry gifts for parents

Appreciate parents beautiful pieces of jewelry, they can also be gifted with this. The message, which is expressed, for example, a ring within a partnership, here comes but not to wear. Therefore, bracelets or earrings for the mother, necklaces, pendants or nice watches for father are. Who wants to come up with something very special, could give a watch. Just spry gentlemen appreciate the valuable and often very attractive watches. But even decorative cufflinks or tie pins are part of the jewelry and are considered beautiful Christmas gifts.

Jewelry for a small price

The value of the jewelry piece has given away overburden your wallet not completely. When jewelry is less important to the value of the content piece as such, because of its appearance. Certainly, rings or chains of gold and platinum a peculiarity – but can even cheaper fashion jewelry express the deep connection between declare and giver. Only in a relationship or as a wonderful gift in a long-lasting marriage, it is wise to prefer real jewelery. Over the Internet, giver quite possible high-grade gold, silver or even platinum jewelry at low and affordable prices to buy.


Think and access

What should express the jewel? Is it to express the closeness in the relationship? Serve as evidence of long-lasting friendship or because it represents a thank you to the parents? These questions are at the center when it comes to choosing a piece of jewelry. Friends grab for example, like to Partnership and Friendship followers who are divided in two and both of which Friends bear a part. This agent can but also try and partner together to show the public that they belong together firmly.

Jewelry as a Christmas gift - Ideas and suggestions3

Are there any hidden desires?

But jewelry can also serve as a surprise. Does the girlfriend or boyfriend of it for a long time that a particular piece of jewelry is desired? Then partners can now access and try to fulfill that desire. Used as a surprise, just when pre-purchasing the piece was always rejected, brings a fabulous ring or an expensive necklace the joy with safety under the Christmas tree. Many interesting ideas are in Christ to find.


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Make your list in advance

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Why Buy a Ring with Chalcedony


Ancient Greece at the time reached in the art of mining and processing of precious stones unprecedented heights. Absolutely all of the Greeks, from the wise philosophers to young damsels, adored fascinating gems shine. Jewelry decorated not only the fingers and ears of the ancient Greeks, they encases the walls of the houses and temples of nobles. First, all the stones were brought in from other states. Even wars are sometimes undertaken more in order to take possession of spears, which were inlaid with semi-precious stones. Therefore, the discovery of chalcedony in the city of Chalcedony was an important event for the Greek people.
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Photographing Jewelry – Not An Easy Craft


Photographing jewelry is one of the most difficult types of objective shooting. To reveal the beauty, splendor and elegance of jewelry is not easy, because you need to properly convey the necessary depth, volume and texture of the product. And this is only on the forces of true professionals who know all the features of photographing jewelry.

It does not matter for what purpose the picture is taken, the result of the photo should be abolished. To achieve the desired effect, the photographer must use professional equipment, which includes a variety of light boxes, cubes, cones, etc. This training explains the special features of jewelry. They have a fairly complex form, which, if improperly lighting can create unwanted shadows, reflections and glare.
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