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Real Diamonds

Four Little Known Ways to Identify Fake or Real Diamonds

It is a fascinating mystery whether your diamond is real or not. Most diamond sellers try to bedazzle diamond buyers by showing fake proof that their diamond is real. Many people take their diamonds to a reliable retailer for an assessment. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to test a diamond to see whether it is real or fake. See the following four wonderful methods to try to verify your diamond is real.
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Diamond necklaces – Real or the simulant

Diamond-necklacesDiamond is the hardest metal known in the world. It is also one of two known forms of carbon useful for industrial applications and jewelry. The shape of other mineral of pure carbon that is known as graphite. The diamonds have impressive physical qualities. They are so strong that only another diamond can be cut.

Difference between a real diamond and fake diamond

With the increase in demand for diamonds, some collars can be made from real diamonds or synthetic diamonds. A synthetic diamond is a real diamond in all respects and it is created by a technological process, while a stimulant of the diamond is a material created no-diamante to simulate the appearance of a real diamond. This process has helped meet the demand for diamonds necklaces. The producers of synthetic diamonds have begun to manufacture better quality diamonds that has begun to penetrate the market of diamond necklaces and industry in general. synthetic diamonds have been on the market for nearly fifty years.
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