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A Brief Guide to Tungsten Rings


Tungsten rings have been increasing in popularity in the last few years. Originally tungsten wedding bands were purchased by men who worked in manual jobs such as construction work. These provided a more durable ring which was not as easily worn down and scratched. A Tungsten Carbide could withstand cracking even if there was a severe impact to the finger.

The Classic Tungsten Rings

The carbide Tungsten wedding bands are available in a polished, Florentine, brushed or dual toned finish. They are available in a flat pipe design, dome shaped or with a beveled edge or step down edging.

Carved Tungsten Wedding Bands

This design is relatively new and can offer a carved detailing or a raised finish. The high quality of this style of Tungsten rings will age well over time and should last an entire lifetime.


Inlaid Tungsten Rings

This style of rings feature inlays of redwood, ceramic, carbon fiber or precious metal. The center inlay of the ring is protected by tungsten with a coating of liquid crystal for additional protection. These types of wedding bands create a unique aesthetic which looks fantastic.

Colored Tungsten

This style of ring can provide a unique aesthetic without compromising on quality. The three colors of gold, chocolate and black are laser etched and although they are not as durable as standard tungsten, they can provide a great fashion statement.

Tungsten styles can be purchased from reputable companies which offer a great warranty. In fact, many retailers will now offer warranty or lifetime trade in to ensure that you have long term confidence in your purchase.

If you are interested in Tungsten rings for men or women, you are sure to find a style to suit your personal preferences. You can be assured of great quality and a strong reputation for durability and strength the entire time you are wearing your Tungsten wedding bands.

Wedding rings with or without engraving

Wedding rings with or without engraving 1

With the purchase of wedding rings the upcoming wedding of a sudden becomes real. Couples see, however, faced with a massive selection, which complicates the choice of matching rings at a jeweler anyway. Once a model has been found, the big question: Should the rings get an engraving? Or is a simple, timeless model attractive? Whether wedding rings actually need an engraving, of course, lies in the discretion of the spouse. You should independently deal with the question, but not let the wide range of possibilities in mind.

An engraving can be timeless

In the society is often considered the view that wedding bands should have a timeless charm. This opinion closes in and of itself engravings, for example, the engraving of the wedding date or the name of the spouse from. On the other side the wedding date is not only an attractive note on the most beautiful day of your life, the engraving can be quite bring so skillfully that it is not visible at first glance.

For engravings do not necessarily have to decorate the outside of the ring. Decorative and hidden mounted on the inside, they serve as a hidden message of love, and the strange eyes remain veiled. In addition, there are now various engraving variants that go far beyond names, letters or numbers. Thus, a decorative pattern give a wedding ring more depth and draw attention to itself. Timeless and individually, the ring is still – only it offers great details. Here can be varied Deals.

Wedding rings with or without engraving

Chic without engraving

In many cases, in addition to express the devotion and the close relationship of the spouses to each other an engraving. But words say so much more than pure deeds? Is not even the marriage proof enough of the love between the spouses? Who sees the choice of matching wedding ring in these respects, may come to the conclusion that an engraving is not necessary at all. This would of course have the advantage that the already scarce time of preparation is not taken in addition of finding a matching engraving, an award or a font.

Attractive and eye-catching unengraved wedding bands are forever. After all trade offers not only different precious metals, and the design of the rings is almost limitless. The only striking gemstones or flashy forms should not get in the short list. The reason here is not in the general taste, but rather that the wedding ring is usually worn continuously. Too flashy models could provide impetus for professional life.


Decide together

Whether, the ring now receives an engraving or what it looks like – this response must find for himself alone couples. Striking engravings on the outside of the ring give it new details, Sayings, data or the names of the spouse on the inside are subject to a the limited amount of space, on the other hand of discretion.

It helps to consider when selecting several models and to ask the jeweler for suggestions. Sometimes there are special catalogs or websites, from which ideas taken can be. Who knows, maybe the couple not only binds the plug end soon on finger wedding ring together, but is reminiscent of the days of getting to know? The imagination knows no limits, no matter whether it is pure or engraved rings.

Jewels of Valencia: solitaire rings, earrings and bracelets


A special collection for the Jewels of Valencia, the fashion house that creates solitaire rings, earrings and bracelets all handcrafted. Precious unique, both for design and for the attention to details and details that distinguishes the company. What makes them special is just the craftsmanship, which gives the opportunity to distinguish every single creation. Thanks to a long experience, the work of three generations in what we might call one of the Italian capitals of the jewel, the company has gained a significant share of the market: Let’s see what are the most beautiful jewels of the house.

The Jewels of Valencia have developed their expertise in creating valuable to bring the general public to understand and appreciate the stones and jewels. The main collections express the relationship of the house with tradition by choosing a design classic, timeless, knows that resists all fashions. The gemstones used for jewelry are certified, choices and work with wisdom, achieving great little jewelry to be worn on all occasions.


Jewels of Valencia opinions
Realizing their own and sell their creations directly, Jewelry Valencia was able to offer a wide range of precious and lower prices compared with other big names. A solution to this that has led many to choose these gems, also with conflicting opinions among fans. What matters, however, is the invoice and the choice of stones and the experience of the fashion house itself is a security.

If the fashion houses have signed their precious collections to be able to wear designer jewelery in line with the style that represents them, Jewelry Valencia prefers to focus on the classic, offering bangles like the models in white gold bearing different text and customize Also under his own name.


Well-known and appreciated are the collections of wedding rings, ring symbol of love and perfect bond at the center of the creations of the greatest haute jewelry. The Italian brand offers various lines from the classic brogues, models comfort in yellow gold, pink and white, to the special models, such as the belief in yellow gold handmade signs that replicates the keystroke to create a gem of inspiration old. There are also models with diamonds in yellow and white gold, or the most important valances, for those looking for a ring of impact.

In addition to the more classic lines, there are also more modern collections, such as hearts, rings and pendants that sparkle with color, grace sapphires and diamonds that cover the heart, a choice between the versions in black, pink and blue, to Depending on the stone used. To discover the collections, you can browse through our gallery and let your opinion about Jewels of Valencia.

Why Buy A Pair Of Wedding Rings More

weeding_ringThe tradition of wearing wedding rings on wedding dates back to antiquity. It symbolizes the consent newlyweds go through life not alone, but as a whole. Therefore, engagement rings for the bride and groom are often designed in one style. Buying a pair of wedding rings – it’s the best solution for people who love. These ornaments are just made for each other, as well as the hearts of two lovers. Not surprisingly, these rings are very popular all over the world.

The main problem that arises when buying a pair of wedding rings perhaps, is that these rings are like and the groom and the bride. After all tastes newlyweds may vary. For example, girls prefer more polished diamonds or other precious stones. Men are more like smooth, not very noticeable wedding rings. In the case of a rescue model collection with minor differences, but nevertheless considered “pair.”
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The Ring With The Symbol Of Infinity

infinity-ringsPerhaps, it is difficult to find anyone who would not wear jewelry. At all times people tried to decorate themselves with exquisite hand-made articles made of precious metals. These products were designed to not only complement the image of the man, but also tell a lot about their owners. Modern fashion jewelry adheres to the same principles. Decorating must bear the stamp of individuality. It is this quality of different ring with the sign of infinity.

We all know that simplicity is a sign of genius, especially if its result is something beautiful, like rings “Infinity”. No wonder since ancient times, this symbolism is surrounded by a mystical aura and various philosophical interpretations.

Buy Ring “Infinity” can only man who lives by his own rules, a person with an interesting and original inner world. He should be able to see what others can not do. This is not just an admirer of fine jewelry, and ambitious, a thinking person with their life values and priorities.
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Engagement rings are seeking more in February

engagement-ringsFebruary is the month for sellers of gold flowers, chocolates … and diamonds, according to spokesmen jewelers Cavallini Derico Müller 1900, this month and December are the only ones that have spikes in sales of these jewels, which for the rest of the year are sold steadily.

The diamond stone remains the favorite to represent the commitment, and customers prefer them solo, with brilliant style cut (rounded contour) and mounted in 14 karat white gold. From there, all combinations are possible.

According Gilberth Cavallini, jewelry D. Cavallini in Multiplaza del Este, the most wanted sizes are 20 to 50 points.”However, customers also seek one-carat diamonds, which are more colorful and expensive,” he explains.
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Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend wants tattoos instead of wedding rings

Casper-Smart-jennifer-lopezThe choreographer Casper Smart, the young couple in the music star, is desperate to walk down the aisle with singer and has proposed that instead of exchanging rings, the couple tattooed on their ring fingers love enrollment Eternal usually recorded in alliances. Far from achieving its purpose of impressing the artist, the original proposal would have the opposite effect and caused horror in the Bronx diva.

“When Casper told the idea to Jennifer, she froze and then started laughing out loud. The poor guy just wanted to touch his girlfriend with the idea, and show their commitment to an innovative initiative that exceeded that of his three previous husbands. Casper feel enough pressure to be at the height of the previous couples Jennifer has had “revealed to Star magazine, a source close to the dancer.
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Engagement rings – buy a good pair

Engagement-ringsOne of the most memorable events for lovers is your day of commitment. Most of the commitments are associated with delivery of engagement rings if they are in the engagement party or a simple dinner. diamond engagement rings are the most desired among women. We cannot deny that most of the women love diamonds in your jewelry, especially for their engagement rings.

Perhaps, you could have a limited budget for the purchase of a perfect ring for your partner’s lifetime. Therefore, if you cannot afford to get a diamond engagement ring, you can settle for any precious stones that are cheaper than a diamond. Like a diamond, these precious stones could add elegance and beauty of your perfect ring for her.

You can also find a variety of engagement rings in some of the local jewelers. Many jewelers can offer different designs and styles that may be installed perfectly in your hands. But before buying a perfect, you should keep in mind several things that may be its your engagement rings shopping guide.
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Cheap diamond engagement rings – wedding rings

diamonds-ringBuy cheap diamond engagement rings do not necessarily mean compromising on quality. Engagement rings can be bought cheaper if you know about the quality of the diamonds. Some of education or knowledge of how diamonds are evaluated by the jewellers and the diamond industry is very important since you can’t pay high price per ring that can only be worth a few bucks.

Just because you can not spend thousands of dollars for his ring doesn’t mean that you may not be able to buy. The establishment of a realistic budget is very important to dream by a ring that your favorite star or a celebrity may have been her carrier.

cheap engagement rings can be as beautiful as more expensive rings. No matter what price range you are interested in is the best way to check and compare the quality of diamonds. One can probably find high quality rings at affordable prices online or conventional retail jewelers.
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Jewelry rings for all occasions

Jewelry_ringsA variety of jewelry rings are commonly sold. Jewelers are like artists and the world is full of wonderful work for the rest to enjoy. There are many occasions and reasons to wear rings. are endless designs to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

When a man and a woman decides to spend the rest of their lives together, wedding / engagement rings than the rest of the world know without words. The diamonds are usually chosen to settle in the ring of women, with your choice of metal (usually platinum or gold). Man is usually a more simple. Together, symbolizes the bond couple in love, and expresses its commitment to the world.
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