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Engagement rings are seeking more in February

engagement-ringsFebruary is the month for sellers of gold flowers, chocolates … and diamonds, according to spokesmen jewelers Cavallini Derico Müller 1900, this month and December are the only ones that have spikes in sales of these jewels, which for the rest of the year are sold steadily.

The diamond stone remains the favorite to represent the commitment, and customers prefer them solo, with brilliant style cut (rounded contour) and mounted in 14 karat white gold. From there, all combinations are possible.

According Gilberth Cavallini, jewelry D. Cavallini in Multiplaza del Este, the most wanted sizes are 20 to 50 points.”However, customers also seek one-carat diamonds, which are more colorful and expensive,” he explains.
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What is the green amethyst?

green_amethystGenerally, when people think amethyst picture of traditional purple stones. However, one of the latest trends in modern jewelry is the use of a stone known as green amethyst instead.

This unique stone is usually clear and has a soft sage green. But what is the green amethyst? What is the difference between it and the purple amethyst? Let’s look at the answers to those questions.

Green amethyst is actually the result of a unique natural property that has purple amethyst. Interestingly, when heated loses purple amethyst purple color and turn green. When you buy a piece of jewelry amethyst often advise you to keep away from heat for this exact reason.
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Onyx engagement rings

Onyx-engagement-ringsWho says an engagement ring had to be set with a diamond? The trend is towards the different and more unique as engagement rings are increasingly being created with colored gemstones. One of the gems that have become increasingly popular is the onyx. Like every woman should have a little black dress in her wardrobe, which has the jewelry that has a black stone is just as crucial. Onyx symbolizes the union, which are committing to when asked his love to marry. For those who have beliefs about the metaphysical properties of certain stones, onyx aids new romances and helps develop communication skills of lovers.

Onyx is actually a form of agate which is composed of microcrystalline quartz. In its natural state, onyx is usually clear bands and is intriguing. Most often dyed black onyx to minimize color variations. Onyx is often found where active volcanism.

Onyx has a hardness only moderate compared with diamonds or other precious stones. Be careful when using onyx jewelry to avoid contrasting temperatures, ultrasonic cleaners and common household cleaners. It is recommended to remove an onyx engagement ring when washing dishes or performing household cleaning.
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Turquoise – House of the People

Turquoise-stone-jewelryTurquoise is a stone known and appreciated since 3000 a. C. The ancient Egyptians, Persians, and pre-Columbian Native Americans used to make jewelry, mosaics, and carved it into different shapes. The stone was unknown in Europe until the 14th century, when it was introduced by Turkish merchants. It is believed that the name of the stone is derived from the French word turc, which means Turkish in English. This led to the idea that the stone itself was undermined by the Turks in their country of origin. This is not correct. The Turks were the merchants who deal only with the stone.

The rich deposits of turquoise mined in ancient times in Persia (now Iran), and some of the highest quality turquoise is still extracted at present. The stone is also found in northern Africa, Australia, Siberia and western South America.

The Sacred Stone

Turquoise has been a sacred stone to many cultures. The Aztecs combined with gold ceremonial objects. Some cultures believed that if a rider wearing the stone that would protect them from falling. This stone is credited with bringing happiness and protection against accidents of all kinds, and many other attributes. The stone also is believed to be one of the stones that make up the breastplate worn by Aaron in the book of Exodus in the Bible. This breastplate had twelve precious stones in it, each engraved with the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Some scholars believe that turquoise was one of these stones.

The sanctity of Native American turquoise dates back to ancient times. It was carved in the form of birds and animals. Some tribes put these items carved tombs to help protect the dead and bring good spirits. The shaman used turquoise for healing. Warriors stone attached to the ends of their bows, as it was intended to ensure accurate shots arrow.

Although robin egg blue color is the most known and most highly valued by the stone, which can be sky blue shades of blue-green to gray-green. It is not always a solid color, and can have shades of color in the individual stones. Some stones have other material veins running through them.

A high quality turquoise can be expensive, but there are many gemstones at a reasonable price. Although this stone has been used and appreciated by royalty and the rich over time, has also been available and appreciated by people in common circumstances. It is still the same today. A stone for those who appreciate their beauty and their ability to pay. In fact, Stone Town.

Taking good care of her engagement ring

engagement-ringsHer engagement ring has a value that can not be replaced with another. It may not be the most expensive piece of jewelry you own. But the sentimental value of the part exceeds the financial value. Therefore repairing your wear ring after an accident or simple wear is not an easy task. Care must be taken to ensure adequate compensation for the ring. In general, most engagement rings are delicate creations with intricate details of the band, as well as in the configuration. Each part of the ring is subjected to daily wear in need of repair. This applies to the stone, setting, and the band.
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