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Emulate Your Favourite Celebrity Style with Visual Inspiration

Going on blogs, fashion sites and social media pages to stalk your favourite celebrity’s style are always helpful methods to recreate their style.

However, unless you keep a scrapbook or a mood board, it can be hard to keep track of what fashion choices you need to make to be more like your preferred icon.

Scrapbooks and mood boards are very effective in studying your style icon’s fashion sense, but with designer prices and custom made pieces, it is not always realistic to expect to be able to buy the same or similar pieces. If you are lucky enough to buy something very similar or identical, that may not be the whole outfit and you will still need to know if it is a style that you can personally pull off.
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The best jewelry brands in the world


There are those brands that are responsible for the sparkling gems of Hollywood celebrities and those names that probably put every lady in ecstasy: We present ten international and prominent jewelry brands and jewelers.


High Italian jeweler’s art: Bulgari. The roots of the jewelry brand, however, are in Greece. In 1884 the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari opened a shop in Rome. A few years later, in the early 20th century, Sotirio Bulgari opened its jewelery boutique in the famous Via Condotti. It is still the flagship store of the company.


As great style icons such as Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn , and especially Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s and 1960s discovered their preference for Bulgari jewelry, the company became world famous. The brand became a favorite of the jet set. There are now 236 boutiques worldwide.

Sterling silver bracelet puts a smile on the face of a woman

Sterling-silver-braceletA sterling silver bracelet is so beautiful that it puts a smile on the face of a woman. It is one of the jewels that women prefer because of its accessibility and sophisticated look.

Its unique style blended beautifully with platinum white gold really makes a difference.

For many years, a gold bracelet is preferred not only by women but also by men over other material bracelet. It has been a symbol of wealth, elegance and sophistication. Until recently, sterling silver began to gain popularity worldwide.

There are tips for maintaining a sterling silver bracelet longer. It should be given proper care to maintain its luster. It should be kept away from damp and wet. It should be a closed to minimize passage of air causes oxidation. Also avoid the wooden boxes for storage of these bracelets.
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Armani Watches worldwide

Armani-watchesArmani watches are some of the most popular products online. They are sought because they are all so elegant and exquisite that everyone wants to buy. There are many different clocks in the world that people can buy – in fact, the choice is endless. Brand after brand, consumers have very different watches to choose from, can have an enormous amount of time to decide what view to buy. However, once a client has seen an Armani watch is not what to buy, but how many can be purchased.

So what is Armani watches that make them so attractive? Well first, not the whole ‘Armani’ name. Companies worldwide are struggling every day to improve your brand and increase awareness regionally, nationally and even internationally. The more people who know about the brand, the more popular it becomes, so the more people take to the shops to buy it. Armani is now a reality in a great position. They already have global brand recognition and have their clocks in a number of different countries.
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