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How to clean sterling silver?

sterling-silverSilver jewelry we buy, the concern is that the money blackened. Nothing abnormal, it is the material which oxidizes and unfortunately, nothing to do, because it depends on the acidity of your skin. So here are some tips and tricks to brighten her jewels, thud, and bracelet in silver. With these tips you will highly practical restore radiance to your most precious jewels so that well revert silver. A selection of original and unusual jewelry found elsewhere. Here is some tips jewelry very practical and easy to do yourself for daily life.

Tips for shining silver jewelry

Blacken your silver jewelry is quite normal do not worry they react to the acidity of your skin. This is only an indication of any bad quality the contrary. So our first advice is practical to use an old toothbrush, some of baking soda above, talc or toothpaste and gently rub your jewelry. For the first time ever you can clean your silver name necklaces by using a soft cloth and rub the jewelry, you will see that the black fabric and comes on the part of jewelry. Attention nevertheless not to damage a stone if there is one and does not use a brush too hard will make scratches.
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Where to find cheap jewelry

cheap-jewelryJewelry does not have to be synonymous with Caro. All you need is a bit of research on where search in the luxurious is better without costing you an eye of the face. Then, where exactly can you find for jewelry cheap that it is not seen as a? Read below.

Small shops Department

Forget boutiques and specialty stores. Most of the local stores have this counter special for jewelry on sale, especially when it is near the end of a season in a certain way. You will be surprised to see articles with considerable discounts.
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How to clean your wedding ring

weeding-ring-cleaningWhat do you brush your teeth and clean your wedding ring have in common? Well, whether you believe it or not a little. I’m sure there are many ways you can clean your wedding ring, but the question remains – what will do the job better? The three most effective methods for cleaning a wedding ring include toothpaste, window cleaner, and of course a trip to the jewelers.

Using an old toothbrush and toothpaste can be one of the easiest and cheapest to maintain their sparkling gems. The best part is that you have everything you need in your bathroom. All you have to do is take an old toothbrush and apply a small amount of toothpaste. Rub the toothbrush on the ring creating a good lather and rinse.

Use of windows cleaner is very similar to using toothpaste. Fill a small intestine with a little warm water and a small amount of window cleaner. While the ring is in the water, gently rub the ring with a rag. When finished cleaning, and viola – a beautiful diamond ring.
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Body Piercing Jewelry – Caring for your body jewelry

Body_Piercing_JewelryWhether sleek and sophisticated or edgy and industrial body piercing jewelry gives a unique and personalized. Before purchase and use of body piercings, it is important to know how to care for it. Here are five key tips that will help you focus your body jewelry last for years …

Body Jewelry proper cleaning

First, prior to any piece of body jewelry, make sure your hands are clean. It is best to use an antibacterial soap and air or dry hands or use a lint-free cloth. While it may seem like a sermon warning, unnecessary, the fact is that most infections begin drilling for handling jewelry with unwashed hands.

Then make sure that the piece itself is clean. Do not immerse your body piercing jewelry in alcohol. If it does, it tends to loosen the adhesive and, finally, that the most fragile.
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Before buying diamonds, namely diamond ratings

diamondIf you are interested in buying diamonds, it is important to make an informed purchase. Diamond grading reports outlining the unique features of the gem to ensure you get the highest quality jewelry at the best price. Gemological laboratories use a diamond grading system universal to rate all aspects of the gem. individual characteristics of each diamond is traded on the diamond grading certificate for their personal shoppers can find the desired combination in buying diamonds. Industry experts report the 4 ° C in the certificate of a diamond cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

The single diamond CUTSare 4 ° C which does not occur naturally. Diamond cuts are a direct reflection of the cutter, which must have the skill and precision cutting facets on the face of the gem. Not to be confused with the diamond shape of the cuts determining the amount of light reflected. Diamond cuts ultimately determine brightness of the gem.
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An easy guide to the perfect wedding jewelry

wedding-jewelleryBridal jewelery is an essential accessory for the dress. It accentuates and makes it look bright. It is so important that every wedding has its wear matching wedding jewelry. But in a world of a thousand and one kinds of jewelry, how to ensure you have the right?

Well, the answer would be to choose according to your budget, the type of dress, the wedding theme and personal preferences of the couple.

If you are having a traditional wedding, you would need more glamorous jewelry. Traditional weddings call for extensive formal and elegant wedding dresses. You will have to wear expensive jewelry to match the grandeur of the occasion. You need gold, diamonds or silver for extra sparkle. A beach wedding however, require somewhat less elegant. Platinum and silver may be appropriate.
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Simple Tips to distinguish Authentic jewelry

jewelleryThere is a special charm in the authentic jewelry even in this fashion era. Of course many people prefer fashion pieces, affordable and fashionable. Although inexpensive costume jewelry gives the option to add the growing number of parts of a collection, but authentic jewelry gives an elegant look to the personality of a woman.

Women love to look different than their peers. Imagine the envious eyes of your friends when you get to a theme party wearing an authentic hand made Native American jewelry! What `s more, this collection of authentic pieces will match any type of clothing.

Some famous brands of jewelry are authentic Native American art jewelry, authentic Hawaiian authentic Irish and Celtic. Handmade jewelry by Native American artisans is really exquisite. Authentic original Hawaii as a beautiful plumeria ring makes a great gift for birthdays and anniversaries.

Many women also prefer the traditional Irish jewelry. There is a common confusion about the Irish and Celtic pieces on the market. Many retail websites refer Celtic jewelry like Ireland, which is not true. Celtic jewelry pieces are actually one of the oldest forms of parts of Ireland.
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Diamond Engagement Rings – How to buy cheap engagement rings

Diamond-Engagement-RingsThese days it is a necessity to move. It is convenient to be very critical when You buy something. But now that you’re thinking of finally ask the hand of his beautiful lady, you may need some tips on how you can buy a cheap engagement ring that will certainly suit your budget. Do not get depressed if you have limited funds, there are many ways to get your hands on this gorgeous ring affordable.

To help you get started on your hunt for the ring, start with the Internet. There are lots of online jewelry stores offering affordable and stylish rings. You may be reluctant to trust online stores, but you should know that there are a lot of online stores that offer credible high quality services. Just do your research to see if the online store is trustworthy.

Online stores offer selections most cheap engagement rings. You may even have customized it to have a unique design.

If online shopping does not appeal, try to look at the shops that offer discounts on engagement rings. You can find out about the stores offering sales on the newspaper or some posters. If you ever heard about the sale going on locally, be sure to stop and see what they have for sale.
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Eternity Rings – What to choose?

Eternity-RingsEternity rings are very popular choices for bands wedding rings or anniversary. Its timeless beauty that will never go out of style. When selecting a ring of eternity to the one you love, there are some things you should consider. First, what type of precious metal should you choose? It may be obvious if matching existing engagement ring. If not, you may have to educate yourself on the different types of metals available, their properties, and the pros and cons of each.

Gold has been the most popular choice in rings for centuries. Twenty-four karat gold is pure gold. It is too soft for use in the manufacture of most jewelry. By buying eternity rings, you do not want gold to be so soft that it bends easily. This can cause loss of stones. In addition, the surface of the gold would be so soft that it could easily be scratched and start looking dull. Eighteen karat gold is quite soft, but some prefer the color of karat eighteen to fourteen karat gold. Its durability is very close, but eighteen carat has a slightly darker color. Comparison of the two when you are buying eternity rings and you may decide that you might prefer. Note that the eighteen karat gold eternity rings have to be treated with a little more care than fourteen karat rings. They are a little softer and less durable. If you are buying the ring will be used every day, then fourteen karat may be a better choice for durability.
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Pearl Jewelry – Top Tips before buying

pearls-jewelry-buyingAlthough there are quite a few features that are important when choosing pearl jewelry. Most gemologists believe that high gloss and smooth surface are the first and most important qualities. It’s the glow that makes a pearl. The pearls are not ball bearings, bright steel. The look of a pearl is created by the nacre, which is layered in the way the oyster, provides surface protection. The layers of nacre are translucent and reflective at the same time. So the light is reflected both penetrate and makes a pearl to appear to be illuminated from within, not at all like a steel ball bearing.

The nacre makes the shine and the glow of a pearl is better when it is thicker. thick nacre that the light really does work on a pearl, but a more practical reason is that the thick nacre not crack or peel. When you spend money on jewelry for men is not usually a small amount. Why not buy the best you can afford, which ensures you will not lose.
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