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Jewelry rings for all occasions

Jewelry_ringsA variety of jewelry rings are commonly sold. Jewelers are like artists and the world is full of wonderful work for the rest to enjoy. There are many occasions and reasons to wear rings. are endless designs to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

When a man and a woman decides to spend the rest of their lives together, wedding / engagement rings than the rest of the world know without words. The diamonds are usually chosen to settle in the ring of women, with your choice of metal (usually platinum or gold). Man is usually a more simple. Together, symbolizes the bond couple in love, and expresses its commitment to the world.
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Radiant new Silver Charms

silver_charmsWe always offers new jewelry Highlites match the current fashion. Especially in the field of silver charms can be found regularly new products in new designs. Whether childlike ring or elegant and simple. Silver Charms with jewelry there for every age group. After all, one is great for silver jewelry never too old. Whether the small silver pendant with your carabiners on your charm bracelet or necklace to wear your silver, you can adapt to any fashion trend. Because the “basics” ie silver bracelet or silver chains are always in fashion and are virtually the jewelry basic equipment of every woman.
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Spring is just around the corner and brings new jewelry trends

spring_trendsWe have waited long enough. Now it’s finally spring and the first crocuses bloom. At least now it is time to look at what fashion trends times the year 2011 so entails. You will see bright colors are more popular than jeh. With jewelry from Fit4Style it will easily be able to adapt to current trends your outfits and this spice by worked quality silver jewelry.
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Jewellery – Follow trends

Jewellery_trendsJewelry and women are two words that can gel well. Nothing can encourage the spirits of women as a piece of fashion jewelry. A woman can never be immune to the lure of the jewelry. The feeling of looking great and gracious is worth a fortune. If you are looking for some jewelry purchases should catch up with the latest trends and fashion formulas.

You can also try some chic fashion jewelry like fashion neckpieces, bracelets and brooches bright funky. Here are some unique pieces of ornaments and definitely make you attractive. Today, rising gold prices has encouraged several people to exchange their valuables against a huge amount of money. But if you really like for gold ornaments and, at the same time want to save your bucks trying to get some jewelry of fashion 18k. Several companies are coming up with stylish gold jewelry and inexpensive. These accessories will be great for office wear.
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Add a splash of color to your look this season

jewellery-trendsFashion trends in jewelry are ushering in another excellent season for jewelry of colored gemstones. Bright colors and bold designs dominate the trend. The sapphire, emerald and pearl are currently the most popular gems for jewelry. Ruby and aquamarine are also important and all indications are that rich color will continue to dominate the holiday season. Among metals, white gold becomes the hot trend.

Fashion jewelry thrives when bold designs are in vogue, which is by far the trend this season. The bold and beautiful look is popular in necklaces, earrings and bracelets with natural gemstones adorning designs. The brightly colored gemstones paired with diamond accents are becoming the popular choice. The fashion conscious choose elegant gemstone jewelry to complement your wardrobe, some prefer this according to their birthstones and some love him for pure aesthetics.
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Eternity Rings – What to choose?

Eternity-RingsEternity rings are very popular choices for bands wedding rings or anniversary. Its timeless beauty that will never go out of style. When selecting a ring of eternity to the one you love, there are some things you should consider. First, what type of precious metal should you choose? It may be obvious if matching existing engagement ring. If not, you may have to educate yourself on the different types of metals available, their properties, and the pros and cons of each.

Gold has been the most popular choice in rings for centuries. Twenty-four karat gold is pure gold. It is too soft for use in the manufacture of most jewelry. By buying eternity rings, you do not want gold to be so soft that it bends easily. This can cause loss of stones. In addition, the surface of the gold would be so soft that it could easily be scratched and start looking dull. Eighteen karat gold is quite soft, but some prefer the color of karat eighteen to fourteen karat gold. Its durability is very close, but eighteen carat has a slightly darker color. Comparison of the two when you are buying eternity rings and you may decide that you might prefer. Note that the eighteen karat gold eternity rings have to be treated with a little more care than fourteen karat rings. They are a little softer and less durable. If you are buying the ring will be used every day, then fourteen karat may be a better choice for durability.
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Get the look – Kate Hudson necklace is the palm!

Kate-Hudson-necklaceIf you saw the 2008 romantic comedy, Fool’s Gold, starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, you probably felt compelled to immediately jump a plane to a remote island and diving. Or, you may want to run into a store and immediately buy Palm Tree necklace Kate Hudson! This cute little palm tree was seen hanging around his neck throughout the entire film. Read on to find out where to get an identical, to 1/3 the price!

Kate Hudson palm caressed her necklace so much, he was even wearing it off the set in the city. Sometimes by itself, sometimes mixed with various other colored necklaces to complete the fashionable layered look. However, this breeze pendant is a beautiful addition to your accessory tray.
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Jewelry Trends 2012


Sparkling earrings, colorful beads and charms, sparkling pendants and bracelets in the beautiful colors of the fashion trend of spring and summer of 2012, only waiting to be discovered. Fit4Style has expanded its collections and fit for the start of the spring high-quality and trendy silver jewelry that is matched to the color trend 2012, in the assortment.

Each outfit is the only catcher with matching accessories. Continue with the current trends of jewelry silver jewelry Fit4Style desired accent. Colorful enamel charms and charms with zirconia will arouse your passion for collecting. These charms kept in beautiful animal motifs set with precious or zirconia, are at each and every charm bracelet charms chain to an eye-catcher.
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Biggest jewelers and watchmakers fashion watch

Once a year, meet in Basel and Geneva, the biggest jewelers and watchmakers in the world to introduce a kind of fashion week to watch their latest models. Basel World and SIHH mean the inevitable watches events.


Also this year, connoisseurs and lovers of the ” Grande Watchmaking “by the famous watch fairs not disappointed: the watchmaker can thus have a few ideas to combine old-established tradition with modern technology and original design. ,
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Earrings: Jewelry from the best circles

Earrings in rose gold with Scripture

They love earrings? Then you remember now long suspension or romantic little plug.

This summer Hoops are hot! The large, originally by slaves and gypsies carried rings advanced for the first time in the 18th Century by Marie Antoinette to the fad: the French queen was known for her penchant for fine jewelry, and wore earrings to elegant blouses dresses after the round earrings were spurned two centuries.
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