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Demanding collectors of watches – discover the impeccable quality of Stuhrling Original

stuhrlingIf you are in the crosshairs, then STUHRLING you’ll love watches. The clock that once was a symbol of a snapshot of the condition and style. With the ear in the past and thinking about the future, Stuhrling Original has revived the era with style watches, interestingly designed inspired by classical appearance and improved with a modern touch. Stuhrling Original has a wide variety of clocks, modern and elegant to the long tradition and traditional. Demanding collectors of watches: discover the impeccable quality of Stuhrling Original.

STUHRLING men original world traveler of Switzerland’s leather strap quartz watch.

Go around the world with this incredible watch Stuhrling Original collection world for travelers! Begins with a silver tone of ida and stainless steel case. A push and pull on the Crown of the coin edge provides the finishing touch to the design of the box.
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Mini D de Dior watch


With the watches show arriving in great strides, all eyes turn now to the new parts of horological instruments. The right time, for the famous watch Mini D de Dior, decline in version “fine jewelry”. It is thus new garb: a look more vintage, a hinged bracelet that fit the shape of the wrist, and diamonds subtly arranged across the watch. A timeless precious, to be regarded more as a jewel…
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Review of IWC Aquatimer Deep Two Watch

IWC_AquatimerThe IWC Aquatimer Deep Two watch is one of four new IWC Aquatimer watches 2009 and also the flagship product in terms of technical equipment.

As successor to the IWC Aquatimer deep one, is equipped with a mechanical depth gauge and a depth gauge. The depth gauge is located on the perimeter of the field with two indicators. Blue is for real depth, while red is for maximum depth (up to 50 meters). This function is achieved through a very sensitive membrane is constructed in the crown on the left side of the box. The membrane transmits water pressure to a lever mechanism which controls the two indicators. The red indicator will be held as a whole before it is released through the button below the crown counterclockwise.
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Biggest jewelers and watchmakers fashion watch

Once a year, meet in Basel and Geneva, the biggest jewelers and watchmakers in the world to introduce a kind of fashion week to watch their latest models. Basel World and SIHH mean the inevitable watches events.


Also this year, connoisseurs and lovers of the ” Grande Watchmaking “by the famous watch fairs not disappointed: the watchmaker can thus have a few ideas to combine old-established tradition with modern technology and original design. ,
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